Yuva Morcha demands to dissolve Kerala PSC

Alleging fatal irregularities in appointing eligible candidates in the state, Yuva Morcha, on Sunday, demanded the state government dissolving Kerala Public Service Commission. The youth association under BJP also criticised the government for appointing gold smuggling accused Swapna Suresh in a top post.

“At present, PSC, instead of making appointments, only conducts and publishes rank lists, alleged Yuva Morcha state president Praful Krishnan in a press release. Praful Krishnan also alleged that PSC has no more scope in the state as government is appointing party members and their supporters in the service.

“Neglecting the rank lists, backdoor appointments are being carried out in all departments. CPM’s cyber warriors were illegally appointed in a permanent post at C-DIT. Pinarayi government’s rule is marked by nepotism, irregularities and corruption,” slammed Yuva Morcha.

“Candidates who were named in the PSC rank lists have been waiting for appointments for a long time. Many rank lists including that of civil police officer and excise, were declared expired after making a few appointments. A ban on PSC appointments is being implemented in Kerala as officials are not reporting the vacancies on time,” criticised Praful Krishnan.