You will die like Rajiv Gandhi, says threat letter to Kerala BJP chief


    The state BJP office received a letter addressed to party president Advocate PS Sreedharan Pillai, which said he would be killed during the proposed Rath Yatra. “You will be killed like the way Rajiv Gandhi was killed,” the letter read.

    The writer said he would accompany the proposed Sabarimala Samrakshana Rath Yatra, which would be launched next week from Kasargod to Thiruvananthapuram as an ordinary worker.

    The letter reads: “If you have any wishes fulfil them. You are standing with fake swamis. You involve BJP workers to tarnish the image of real swamis… I am a 66-year-old man living in Mumbai. I have fulfilled all my duties in life. On this Kerala Day, I will reach my hometown. I will join the Rath Yatra. Let Kerala people see hot news. You will be killed the way Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated.”


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