You will be surprised to know these amazing benefits of blowing Shankha

The word Shankh/ Shankha comes from the two Sanskrit words i.e. Shum which means something good and Kham means water. Therefore, Shankam is a conch/ conch shell that holds the sacred water. Shankh also known as conch shell, holds immense importance in the Hindu religion. According to Hindu mythology, the Shankh is a sacred emblem of the Hindu preserver Lord Vishnu. Basically, Shankh is blown during the puja ceremonies. As per Hindu scriptures, Shankh is highly revered as the bestower of prosperity, fame & longevity. Conch/ Shankha is the abode of goddess Lakshmi i.e. the Goddess of wealth & the consort of Lord Vishnu.

As always, there are major health benefits of blowing Shankh daily which is now being proven by scientists. An incentive spirometer which is popular now, is a device that can help you strengthen your lungs. Your doctor might give you a spirometer to take home after leaving the hospital after surgery. People with conditions that affect the lungs, like COPD, may also use an incentive spirometer to keep their lungs fluid-free and active. The quite surprising fact is that our ancestors had much earlier found the significance of the exercise and asked us to make it a routine as a part of pooja.

Here are the major benefits of blowing Shankh:

  • Conch blowing can provide a great exercise for, urinary tract, bladder, lower abdomen, diaphragm, chest and neck muscles.
  • You exercise the rectal muscles in the process of blowing a shankh thus strengthening the rectal muscles and preventing many problems which occur due to the gradual weakening of the rectal muscles.
  • As it also puts pressure on the prostate area, it improves the prostate health and helps prevent prostate enlargement.
  • When you blow the conch, your lung muscles are expanded, improving their aerial capacity. Also, perform these yoga asanas for healthy lungs.
  • Conch blowing also exercises your thyroid glands and vocal cords and helps in correcting any speech problems.
  • Your face muscles are stretched when you blow a conch, so you’re automatically doing away with fine lines by blowing the conch every day. These 8 Indian traditions are also beneficial for your health.