Young girls are like ripe fruit, pick before they rot: Islamic scholar

Top Iranian Islamic scholar Abolghasem Yaghoubi said that young girls are like rip fruit that should be picked before it rots.

According to Yaghoubi, Prophet Muhammad’s daughter Fatima Az-Zahra got married at the age of nine. “Fatima was 9 years old when she got married. Sometimes, of course, the climate does not allow this. This does not mean that every girl needs to get married when she turns 9. The conditions of the geography and the climate affect people’s physical state in different ways. In [the Arabian Peninsula], boys’ and girls’ bodies developed quickly, and it may be that the situation is different in our Iran. But my point is that… Forget about the age of 9 for now. It should at least be done at 18. Unfortunately, the age of marriage is now around 25 or 30.”

Yaghoubi said Muslim men should get married at an early age preferably at the age of 18. The Islamic scholar said, “Look at the difference between 18 and these ages! Marriage should be at its time. The Prophet Muhammad said: ‘Your daughter is a ripe fruit. Pick her when she is ripe. Otherwise, this fruit will rot.’ These are the recommendations of our religion.”