Yogi govt constructs 175 herbal roads aiming immunity to air

The Uttar Pradesh government in a innovative development has completed construction of 175 herbal roads in the state in the stipulated time. The aim of the herbal roads is to purify the air and reduce pollution.

More than 38,000 herbal and Ayurvedic plants of 30 species like Peepal, Neem, Tulsi, Giloy, Ashwagandha, Mentha, Lemon Grass, Bhringraj, Mui, Aonla, Brahmi, Tulsi, Anantmul, Gwarpath, Turmeric and other Ayurvedic and herbal plants have been planted alongside roads.

The PWD has transformed one road each in the districts of the 18 divisions of the state into herbal roads. Not only it will purify the air but also will provide raw material for the medicines and will also help in curbing the erosion of land.

Some of the major roads that have been turned into herbal roads include the Chandrika Devi-BKT Kumharanwa Marg, the Gorakhpur-Deoria bypass, Prayagraj-Mirzapur road, Agra-Achnera road, Aligarh-Sidharpur road, Kaptanganj-Maharajganj road, Panchkosi Marg in Ayodhya, Gonda-Bahraich road, Jhansi-Unnao road and Moradabad-Lucknow highway.