Writers Capital Foundation launches audiovisual poetry series

writers capital foundation audiovisual anthology series

Athens (Greece): Providing a new experience incorporating visual media, poetry and music, Writers Capital Foundation has come up with a unique project named Audiovisual Poetry Series. The first of its kind was released on social media pages including YouTube for lovers of poetry. Senior journalist and Vice-Chancellor, Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Communication, Bhopal launched the first in the series online.

“From merely reading, the new generation is keen on finding something which has also visual and musical elements in it. The current trend that we see in social media posters, too, justifies the same as creators have started using animations and music for effective communication with the audience. Apart from this, this new project could be considered as a means of instilling love for literature to younger generations as part of our educational programmes. It is in this context, the Writers Capital Foundation thought of making use of various other elements to help the understanding of a poem”, said Irene Doura-Kavadia, Secretary-General of the foundation.

“We also believe that this would help a number of people who are unable to publish their works due to high cost in printing and publishing. The project will not only help them publish their works easily but will also help them draw global attention as the works will be featured in social media accessible to anyone on the internet. We further hope that this new project will also help the visually challenged to taste the nectar of poetry”, added Irene. The foundation is expecting a number of people from across the world to take part in the project.

Dedicated to spreading humanitarian values through the medium of arts, literature and other creative expressions, Writers Capital Foundation is now spread across 50 countries. Various activities are being conducted by the foundation, the latest being Panorama Arts & Sculpture festival on the theme ‘stop cruelty towards animals’. Another signature programme, namely Panorama International Literature Festival is scheduled to be held in the month of October 2021.