World moving away from China; make the most use of it : Nitin Gadkari urge entrepreneurs

In the wake of China being heavily criticised by many world countries for the coronavirus pandemic crisis, and the world is slowing moving away from the country in the business sector.

Road and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari on Saturday said that a “great hatred” against China is erupting and urged industrial entities to take advantage of the opportunity to produce items for which India is largely dependent on China.

“There is a great hatred against China. No one further desires to deal with China and many countries also don’t want any goods from there. You all must be aware of the Japanese PM announcing a package for their industries which want to shift base from China to other countries.

There are similar indications from the US government,” he said during an interaction with the CEO Club of India.

The Union Minister urged the Indian entrepreneurs to work hard to attract investment from firms that would withdraw from China and diversify their base.