Widow of rebel CPI(M) leader to stage fast in front of Delhi’s AKG Bhavan demanding end to murder politics in Kerala  

KK Rema, the chief of Revolutionary Marxist Party (RMP) and widow of rebel CPI(M) leader late TP Chandrasekharan who was hacked to death by Marxist goons, and former CPI(M) member Salim will fast in front of CPI(M)’s central headquarters, AKG Bhavan in New Delhi, demanding an end to murder politics in Kerala.

Speaking exclusively to indusscrolls.com, Rema said, “Those who speak against fascism at national capital are indulging in the same in Kannur and elsewhere in Kerala. We want to expose the murder politics of the CPI(M) at national level. In Onchiyam, they are targeting our workers and their houses. They don’t spare even women.” She will reach Delhi tonight. 

Talking about the proposed fast, the RMP leader said, “Apart from me, two women workers Smitha and Minika would take part in the protest. Besides, our workers from Haryana, D

Shuhaib was hacked 37 times

elhi and Punjab will also join the protest.”

The CPI(M)’s murder politics has once again come to the fore in the wake of the brutal murder of the Congress worker, Shuhaib, 27, with 37 cuts with machetes and sharp-edged weapons in Kannur. “This is the 21st political murder taking place in the state since the CPI(M)-led government came to power about two years ago. It is shocking that it happened again in Kannur, the native place of CM Pinarayi Vijayan,” said opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala of Congress, adding that the CPI(M) was annihilating political opponents steadily.

TP Chandrasekharan’s face was cut to 51 pieces

In this context, it must be mentioned here that TP Chandrasekharan’s face was chopped 51 times. He was murdered for questioning the lavish lifestyles of Marxist leaders, including Kerala Chief Minister Vijayan. In savagery and brutality, Marxist leaders put even the most dreaded Islamic State terrorists to shame.

Addressing a press conference in Calicut which was played out live on social media, Rema said, “The CPI(M), which goes whole hog on human rights, does the opposite in Onchiyam in Kannur. We are organizing this protest demanding our right to live peacefully in Kerala during the CPI(M) rule.”

Before murdering Shuhaib, the ruling LDF government facilitated the release of murder accused Marxist goons on parole. Top leaders of the CPI(M) were reported to have been involved in the conspiracy.

Manoj, RSS worker, was murdered a few years ago

The Marxist trolls had unleashed a sleazy campaign against Rema, who was called a “resident widow” by a senior Marxist leader at a public function. But no feminist leader or so-called cultural leader has condemned this or the murder politics of the CPI(M).

In Kerala, especially in Kannur, it’s CPI(M) versus the rest. The CPI(M) had murdered more than 250 RSS-BJP workers, 45 Congress activists and nine Muslim League workers so far.

There is an outpouring of anger against the so-called cultural leaders of Kerala — who protest for even the smallest incidents in North India — in the social media.

Left intellectuals Sara Joseph and Sachithanandan

A prominent political analyst, in a Facebook post, writes: “I don’t call them samskarika nayakar (cultural leaders). I call them samskarika nayakal (cultural dogs).” Another Facebook post reads: “These CITU writers are worse than the Marxist beasts… Where have their conscience gone. Are their mouths stuffed with banana or what?”