Why they portray Hindus as bullies?

Recently I came across a tweet “Yes ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ is communal. Because it forces a certain mythological idea of motherland being a Devi, a deity. This may suit your faith and religious philosophy but not people who believe in monotheism- one God. It is clearly a majoritarian slogan,” put up by Arfa Khanum Sherwani of The Wire.


It made me wonder why she would think that calling one’s country a Mother is communal. A plethora of such messages are going around the Social media trying to link every single thing to Communal behaviour. Even actions which are plain criminal in nature are today highlighted as communal. The surprising thing is when actions which are actually communal in nature are hidden from our biased media. For eg. if Muslims commit atrocity on Muslims or on Dalits, hardly is it ever reported in our English newspapers. But if a Hindu beats up a Muslim, it is front page news. Why? What are non-Hindus really scared of? In the case of the above tweet, there was a reply which spoke about Indonesians calling their country their Motherland (https://twitter.com/RohitBJP/status/1078711268217745409). Another person also wrote about how even Pakistanis consider their land as their Motherland. But all this is irrelevant to a person wanting to show Hindus in bad light and wanting to show how Muslims are bullied in Bharat.

Just about a week back we had Mr. Nasiruddeen Shah stating something similar. First he made statements about Virat Kohli.  “Virat K is not only the worlds best batsman but also the worlds worst behaved player. His cricketing brilliance pales beside his arrogance and bad manners. And I have no intention of leaving the country by the way,” Shah wrote on his verified account. Then two days later, he said, “We have already witnessed that the death of a cow has more significance (in today’s India) than that of a police officer…. I fear for my children…Because if a mob gathers around them and asks them are you a Hindu or Muslim, they will not have any answer…Because they have no religion … I am angry …” So it was obvious that people reacted sharply to his comments because they read more into his comments than what he claimed to say. A Hindu is arrogant, but Shah is not scared enough to leave the country … a cow’s death is cared for more than a police officer’s (and a cow thief’s too) and he’s scared for his children in this country and he is angry with the situation in our country. Wow! How easy it is to make Hindus look like bullies who are frightening poor, ‘law abiding’ Muslims.

Some more really scared people were rounded up by the NIA recently. As per reports, there was a crackdown on an ISIS-inspired module, called Harkat-ul-Harb-e-Islam by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and ten persons were arrested. The Mastermind was Mufti Mohammad Suhail, who was working as a ‘mufti’ in a madrasa. Another person of the group, Saqib Iftekar had helped Suhail procure weapons and he was ‘imam’ at the Jama Masjid in Baksar, UP. The NIA seized 25 kg of explosives, a country-made rocket launcher, 12 pistols and 112 clocks to work as timers, 150 rounds of live ammunition, mobile phone circuits, batteries, 51 pipes, remote control car triggering switch, wireless digital doorbell for remote switch, steel containers, electric wires, 91 mobile phones, 134 SIM cards, three laptops, knife, sword, ISIS-related literature and cash of about Rs 7.5 lakh were recovered. Do you think these people were doing this because they were scared of the Hindu bullies? What are they actually scared of?

This is what they are actually scared of


Reportedly 21 Lakhs of people from Hosangadi in Kasaragod to Triveni in neighbouring Kanyakumari, covering a distance of about 795 km, lit the “diyas” and chanted Ayyappa prayers from 6 pm to 6-30 pm. This was a preemptive measure aimed to counter the ‘Women’s Wall’ planned by the Communist led State Government of Kerala. This has to be the most peaceful movement run by any community or religion anywhere in the world, to counter a measure by the highest Court of the land, seeking to crush popular faith, devotion and undisguised attempt to save one’s traditions. Does any other religion have any such precedence of love and peace being the hallmark of protest? No!

They are also scared of this …

For hundreds of years, Hindus have been waiting to build a grand temple to their revered Ram Lalla, and they have waited mostly peacefully and in obedience to the law of the land. This, despite having proof that there was a temple below the unused Babri Masjid. Can anyone from any other religion than Hinduism say that they have peacefully protested for such a long time? No! The Abrahamic religions have mostly grown only thanks to violence, torture and deceitful conversions or conversions encouraging greed and money changing hands. For such religions and their followers, peaceful protests are just those to be quoted in books or newspapers, not to be actually followed.

Therefore when they see the power of true faith and peaceful protests by Hindus, they are scared and feel the need to portray people from that religion (Hinduism) as bullies. And they use every machinery available to them to portray this false image of Hindus and of the government which has come to power by the Hindus voting for them. That the BJP government under Narendra Modi has worked for all sections of society or all religions, without a bias, seems impossible for them to digest and hence, we see such agenda driven campaign by these so-called ‘intellectuals’. Hindus should remember how they have faced violent backlashes by the Governments led by other parties, whether it was the Samajwadi Party (Ayodhya) or the CPM (Kerala), or the Congress (Kashmiri Pundits and Sikhs), in the face of such peaceful protests. Because, while peace and love is stronger than violence, knowing history helps one prevent such violent occurrences in future.

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