Why South India goes against national consensus

Now that the results are out and the dust has more or less settled down, I’d like to offer my understanding about the results in the South of the Vindhyas. As everyone knows, BJP did not win too many seats in the South, Karnataka being the main exception. A few points which seem to have escaped the attention of many people are the most basic and most interesting. Let’s see what they are…


What most people from the North do not understand is that the Aryan Invasion theory, which has now been disproved by most experts of History, Genetics and Archeology amongst others, has penetrated the psyche of the South Indian in the most absurd way. The wrongful story of how the South Indians are Dravidians and that the North Indians are Aryans from Europe is something that is taught till today. Not just this, what is also taught is that Aryans drove away the Dravidians from their lands in the North and that is why Dravidians live in the South. If this is not enough, Brahmins are considered as villainous because they are Aryans who are fair skinned. Not once do the people question this theory (including the so called expert historians) by asking why if all Dravidians are dark skinned and all Aryans are light toned, why we have dark skinned people yet in the North and fair skinned non-Brahmins in the South. Not just that, no one even ponders for a minute why the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Vedantas, the Stotras, the Shlokas are all the same from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. NO! They just want to keep perpetrating the lie that Dravidians were driven away by Aryans, and that is why the South Indian identity has to be preserved. They believe still that the present day Aryans are the Hindi speaking majority and all of them are still the enemy.

How can a country which has not worked actively to remove this hateful lie, hope to remain united? Recently Stalin of the DMK party reportedly hoped India’s Southern States came together to demand autonomy for a separate Dravidanadu. “If it [such a situation where southern states come together for the demand] comes, it would be welcome,” Stalin said in Erode. “We hope that such a situation arises.” When this falsified, distorted history is still being taught and propagated, how can any country hope to regain its pride on being a country of Aryas (cultured people) who are all Dravidians originally? It is imperative that children are taught the truth behind the Aryan Invasion Theory conspiracy, in school itself. And within the next five years, the topic of Aryan Invasion should be removed from the syllabus completely. Else even after another twenty five years, we will still have people foolishly propagating this nonsense and we will never have a sense of pride of being Bharatiyas.


One thing which has to have come to the attention of everyone is that all the States in the South, including even Odisha, use temple funds for the expenses of their exchequer. The State governments of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana and Odisha control the administration of the Temples. Maximum idols are looted and smuggled out of the country in these States itself. The temples here give maximum contribution in crores to the exchequer, but receive paltry amounts and a miniscule percentage of the income for the upkeep of these very temples and for the upkeep of other small temples, the salaries of the Priests there, the free distribution of food (‘langar’ – a very important feature of the temples), the gou-shalas (cattle sheds for protection of Indian breed of cows), Ved-paathshalas and more. Instead, the amounts collected goes to fund corruption, masjids, churches, and other expenses.

Our temples were Energy points and the Idols (Murtis) of these temples facilitated the collection and dispersion of Positive energies throughout the land. When our Temples are controlled by Adharmic elements and the Murtis are stolen, those energy points become latent and Dharma takes a backseat. Do understand that Conversions are at its peak in these very Southern States. Also, the Muslims of these States are being radicalized the maximum, be it Kerala or TN or Bhatkal or Hyderabad. It took a Tapasvi like Sabarimala Ayyappa to counter the effects of ‘secularism’ and ‘communism’. Unless the Central Government shakes off the abhorrence to interfering in State affairs with respect to Hindu Temples, it is very likely that large scale conversions and proliferation of ISIS like mentality will continue. Hindu Temples belong to the devotees and its administration should be looked after only by the appointed Priests and officers. The appointments too should not be in the hands of the Government, but in the hands of the temple trustees and devotees alone. This has to be effected immediately.


This is another very motivated campaign to force people of the South to think that they are different from the people of the North. They are made to believe that Hindi has been forced upon them by the Brahmin parties of the North, of which BJP is a part. It is time that Sanskrit is accepted as the National language all over Bharat and all schools teach Sanskrit as a third language. At the same time, the Media can be used effectively to make people speak Hindi and Sanskrit fluently. It would help to remember that the Jews had almost forgotten their language Hebrew, but when the Government took a decision to give it importance, the people had to accept it. A plus point would be that the Upper Caste – Lower Caste divide which was spread maliciously using Sanskrit as an upper caste language, would meet its death within one or two generations.


One fact which has escaped the attention of most people is that the News channels in the South are almost all captured by those with a political agenda. That is why hardly any poor people in the South have heard of the Central Government schemes. Even if they know about it, they have heard of it as State Government schemes. For example, the Health Insurance schemes – it is distributed via the State Government and if you ask any poor person there, they will say that the current CM of the State is responsible for it. Same with electricity or farm benefits. Most of the poor people also think that the GST was some kind of new taxes imposed on them instead of them being a replacement of the erstwhile taxation system. The Social Media which has been instrumental in busting fake stories has not made so much of an impact in the South, since the videos are mainly in English or Hindi. The only exception would be Kannada and the results are there for all to see.

I request the present Central Government to set right the anomalies as best as is possible. This is not required just keeping the BJP in mind, but for Bharat to remain united. Unless people are proud of their heritage and identity, they will keep falling prey to malicious conspiracy theories which makes us slaves mentally and stunts our confidence.

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