Why Rajasekharan’s appointment as Guv is tight slap on Kerala CM and media’s face

Kerala BJP President Kummanam Rajasekharan has been appointed as Governor of Mizoram. Many may dismiss it as a “small incentive”, given his stature in the state and organization, but the political message it seeks to convey cannot be missed.

The move by the Centre is being seen as a tight slap on the face of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and the CITU media, who leave no opportunity to “troll” the gentleman politician Rajasekharan — whom senior RSS leader J Nandakumar has described as “saint among politicians and politician among saints”. Pinarayi Vijayan had once addressed him in a derisive manner – “Edo Rajasekhara”.  It is a poetic justice; for, in the order of protocol the Governor comes above the chief minister and Vijayan should now address Rajasekharan either “His Excellency” or “Sir”. The media and CPI(M) cadre trolled him over the colour of his skin; they coined new epithets and words to describe him. A section of the media was in fact borrowing a trick from the Communists who always seek to reduce political rivals to insignificance using scorn and ridicule as weapon, when it targeted Rajasekharan.

But the media skullduggery has failed to tarnish the image of Rajasekharan, who is called lovingly “Rajettan” by all. A Mathrubhumi correspondent tells this writer how he was surprised to see the response of inhabitants of a tribal hinterland when Rajasekharan visited that hamlet. Scantily clad kids, men and women came running after seeing him get down from the car. With a warm demeanor and disarming smile he received them all.

With his departure from the state, the Hindu organisations will be staring at a void which can’t be filled easily. He is quintessentially an agitational leader who led many movements to success. He spearheaded Nilakal movement and Aranmula anti-airport agitation. He managed to bring rival politicians on a single platform for a public cause.

“This is a great move and big boost to BJP on the eve of Chengannur bypoll. He is a great human being,” says secretary of newly formed SJP Prof Gopakumar.