Why not call Northern Ireland ‘British Occupied Ireland’: Asks Shekhar Kapur

While the Indian Government is busy maintaining peace and harmony in its majestic Kashmir valleys, foreign news publications such as BBC, Al Jazeera, The Guardian and even NYT are publishing biased coverage over the Kashmir unrest.

However, a number of Indian commentators have come up with strong remarks on the reports. Shekhar Kapur’s recent tweet not only expresses his annoyance over BBC but reflects the opinions of millions of Indians across the world.

The Tweet reads:

Hey @BBCWorld .. each time you call #kashmir ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’ I keep wondering why you refuse to call Northern Ireland ‘British Occupied Ireland’?


England has been infamous for its history of colonizing a large number of countries across the world and is being targeted for stealing wealth from the countries they ruled. England has a bloody history with Ireland too.

The British Crown continued to violently put down any call for home rule from the people and the potato famine of the 1840s saw around 2 million Irishmen killed, a move we’d see again the Bengal famine a century later courtesy Winston Churchill.

It is in this context Shekhar Kapur’s remark becomes relevant. Trending shows that the Tweet has been very well accepted by netizens and has been retweeted largely.


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