Why I Am A Hindu

Unfortunately Hinduism has always been a hot potato for leftists to propagate their agenda through the prism of westerner philosophies and interpretations to revive the dubious ‘Soft- Hindutava’ strategy.

Author of the book ‘Why Am I a Hindu’, Shashi tharoor, a Congress MP skilfully used his erudition  that made him an easy and a constant talking point in his book to target the ruling government at the centre pushing the leftist agenda which is highly critical and anti Hindu. Misguided liberals like Tharoor has not left a single stone unturned to subjugate our great culture and religion Hinduism which reunifies bonds, sharing joys, reviving tradition of spiritual existence of mankind not frolicking wild.

This book running close to 300 pages is divided into two sections. The first part of a chapter titled as ‘ My Hinduism’ presented in what can be called as a resemblance  of Devdutt Pattanaik attempt to present fallacious and propagandised beliefs. It is a mockery of our world’s oldest religion by the author who tears apart Hinduism as  one version of RSS and Sangh Parivar  as Hindutavaadi and the other that of ‘pseudo- seculars’ termed as ‘Private Hinduism’ which has been constantly used throughout his book to build the writer ‘Tharoorsim’ narrative of tyrannical moguls.

In a chapter ‘Great souls of Hinduism’ I for one don’t like his idea of blending the teachings of Adi Shankara and Ramanuja with the philosophies of Osho. Adi Shankara who was an Indian philosopher and theologian who firmly believed that Hinduism is our Indian religion and he had referred Hinduism to Sanata Dharma as an eternal tradition, as one of the world’s oldest religion which is even beyond human history. Whereas Osho’s philosophies differs much from Adi Shankara’s views on Hinduism. Osho was not punctual about facts and took commenting on religious topics as a joking matter. His inclination towards the atheism and his teachings were not Hinduism. He rejected the Hinduism as a religion. He was a drug addict and highly obsessed with luxury. He was against the whole society, culture and never accepted Hinduism as a religion.  He was the worst by no means the society had to offer in a new age. Undoubtedly, he harmed many people in our society. The writer has projected this Osho as a great guru in this book which is off course a politically motivated one.

Further, I totally disagree with Tharoor says that Hinduism doesn’t have any fundamentals. The fundamental concept of Hinduism is our Dharma.  The writer’s obsession with the RSS leaders like Golwalkar, Savarkar and HIndutava by the number of times a word had appeared in this book raises important questions about his intentions.

It is of utmost shame that the so called  adorned author and intellectual of our country like Shashi Tharoor’s understanding of Hinduism is so narrow and bigoted that he thinks our World’s oldest religion needs to be invented and reinvigorated by incorporating the western ideas.   It is because of authors like Tharoor who don’t understand the ancient Indian scriptures on its own , try to add value to it by providing some kind of western science. The west crowd who doesn’t even have an understanding of a single word coming out of our Scared texts be it Vedas or the Geeta or Upnishads. Probably , they don’t understand the religion either. Holy Irony! West is looking at us for greater Truth of Life and authors like Shashi Tharoorm trying to belittle our greatness of culture and religion  for the sole objective of grabbing a political power.

Book – Why I Am A Hindu

Author – Shashi Tharoor

Price- 699

Publication – Aleph