WHY DID YOU DO IT? A Poet’s Tribute to Sushant

Those memories haunted, those of yesteryears
Agony rekindled, the torment was not gone I realized
It was just buried and blurred all through these years
Every time a life is surrendered they reappear to traumatize

Isolation is a slow poison that gnaws at your being I agree
Some of us who have tasted it will know better and deeper
Backstabbers will abound with stings worse than the deadly bees
Why did you let them be your fate deciders and peace robbers?

These fortune pirates can excel in no other trade than sabotage
Unlike you, you who could fathom the world of galaxies and photons
Only the mediocre will peck at your quill after pointing to a mirage
Why did you retreat into a cage and choose to be flightless my son?

For one last time as you left for your family home in an urn
Scores and scores took time off to opine and judge your move
Beneath a smile that lied, was your heart so battered and torn?
Fleeting between the past and the future was the present so
Impossible that to its end you drove?

You merged with the holy Ganges, many witnessed with a misty eye
Poignant scenes of an old trembling father laying his young son to rest
Of grieving sisters who lost the only wrist to tie that sacred thread of love
Unable to fend for yourself did MAA call her son back to her nest?
These thoughts will haunt for a long time to come…..
Rest in peace in your mother’s arms!

© Sanwi (Dr Sushma Nair)
All Rights Reserved