Why bad things happen to good people?

Man is a product of evolution having evolved from single-celled amoeba. It has taken a billion years to reach the stage of Homo sapiens. There has been a constant struggle for existence and only survival of the fittest has existed. Man is not a perfect being if it were so the evolution would have stopped. He is a hunter in the jungle of life. He hunts or gets hunted.

It is his constant mental growth and intelligence which enables him to conquer the challenges posed by both the benign and cruel nature. Nature always and ever poses challenges in the form of drought, floods, tsunamis, diseases and ever difficult problems. But the integrity of man with his power of mind overcomes the same. Man ever since he passed the Stone Age, copper, bronze and iron age built up societies and societies gave birth to town, cities and civilizations.

Thus culture, architecture, music, painting, dance and various arts have arisen in human civilizations. It is the accumulation of knowledge, collective wisdom which has benefited mankind. Man’s capacity to philosophise gave birth to dogmas, myths, mythologies and religion. This has been evolving over a period of time. It is the human living within the norms laid down by the society for a healthy and peaceful living which has given the term of goodness and evil.

The ancient man continues to live in him. A person is possessed with both nature, negative and positive qualities and it is his behaviour and conduct in a society which labels him as a good or evil person. But from the evolutionary point of view, man is in ever struggling for his survival and does all that is required for his beneficial living. He continuous to be selfish, self-centred and self-possessive. His actions are bound to harm his fellow patriots. Every nation struggles for its survival through trade and economics. Thus, has come an idiom that “Nothing is good or bad but it is thinking that makes it so”. “All is fair in love and war”.

Everyone wants to succeed by hook or crook. The so-called “good people” are unable to face the challenges possessed by a compatriot and due to the submissiveness, succumb to the harsh ways of a challenging person who by “hook or crook” wins his battles of life. Such a person who is rough and tough, brutal pushes his way for success is labelled as a “bad person”. Person labelling him as “bad person” forget that nature’s constant struggle for survival is in full force and all the population are not Prophets, Buddhas, Mahavira’s and Christs. All are common people and they need to survive and survival of the fittest exists.

From the heaven dawns grace and wrath. It does not distinguish between good or bad. When rain falls, it falls on all. When the sun shines it shines on all. There are several religious philosophies, myths, superstitions which are the creation of man. It may be true or may not be. We cannot judge that one is infallible and above any harm. Each one gets affliction in due measure. It is only a combined effort of humanity that can bring goodness to society or harm. Success and failure are part of life. The struggle goes on!