‘Who Benefitted Most?’ Shameless Rahul Gandhi insults Pulwama martyrs

When the nation pays homage to soldiers killed in a shocking attack in Pulwama, shameless congress chief came up with a controversial statement insulting the entire nation. In a tweet, he asked who really had benefited from the attack that killed 40 CRPF troopers.

In a tweet, that is likely to set off a political storm, Gandhi posed three questions he said that needed to be asked while we remember the slain soldiers: who benefitted the most from the attack, what is the outcome of the inquiry into the attack and who in the BJP government has been held accountable for the security lapses that allowed the attack?

Gandhi’s tweet was a reference to how the BJP had captured the posy-Pulwama political narrative around security and nationalism and how it paid dividends in the Lok Sabha election last year.

The terror attack and India’s retaliation with Balakot airstrikes had led to national sentiment on security and terror-related issues in India peaking ahead of the general election, and diverted attention away from socio-economic issues. At election rallies, the BJP has played up the airstrikes.


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