While people in Kerala run for shelters, shameless ministers busy preparing their luxury beds!

While people in Kerala run for shelters, shameless ministers busy preparing their beds!

While the state is recovering from another major natural calamity and its people as per the call of government gather pennies to contribute to CM’s relief fund, the LDF government continues their extravagance. Kerala media exposed two of such news that are classic examples of proving how ruthlessly public fund is being squandered by the Kerala government.

In a shocking estimate, approximately Rs. 1.5 crores have been spent against the printing of the folders for the celebration on completion of 1000 days of LDF government. While the advance amount of Rs. 67,33,892 was paid earlier for the publishing of more than 75 lakhs folios that publicise the ‘achievements’, an order sanctioning remaining amount was passed recently, reports say. Not surprising though, the publications often promote the left ideology and for justifying acts for which the government was criticized for.

In another report, a sum of nearly Rs 80 Lakhs has been spent for the renovation of offices of CM Pinarayi Vijayan and of AC Moideen. The third floor of the North Block of the Secretariat was occupied by the offices of the Chief Minister and Minister AC Moideen. As per revised plans, Moideen was shifted to Annex One and the office was taken over by the Chief Minister’s office. Now only the chief minister and the office staff are on the third floor of the North Block. An amount of Rs.80 lakhs has been spent from the public funds for renovating these offices. The costs include 39 lakhs for renovating the CM’s office, 12 lakhs for the electrical works of the office of Moideen whereas a total of 27,97,000 lakhs was spent on civil work.

As per reports, Kerala’s fiscal deficit has risen to Rs 23,957.06 crore in 2018-19 and revenue deficit to Rs 12,859.81 crore. At 3.4 per cent, Kerala’s fiscal deficit has overshot the FRBM (Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act) target. Under the FRBM, the fiscal deficit of states should be below 3 per cent of the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP). There are warning signs on other fronts too. Kerala’s unemployment rate is the highest in India at 12.5 per cent, the report continues. It was in such context the two major floods hit the state that has caused severe damage to the economy.

As the expenses mentioned above are merely examples of how much money is being wasted by the Kerala government for causes that are not even heard till date, a figure of total expenses so would definitely be shocking. While in the name of natural calamities when the state continues pleading other countries, the central government and its people for contributing to ‘rebuilding’ Kerala, a large sum of money is being wasted for the luxury of ministers and merely for their personal and political gains.