Where do you find reporters like these: Trump asks Imran pointing to Pak journalist

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday had to cut a sorry figure when one of the Pakistani reporters kept on annoying US President Donald Trump with questions on Kashmir (though he had answered a few of them) and without answering the question he turned to PM Khan and asked: Where do you find reporters like these? During the press conference, the Pakistani journalists created cacophony leaving Trump unease.

PM Khan met Trump in New York City ahead of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly opening on September 24. Much to the disappointment of the Pakistani side, Trump offered to mediate between Pakistan and India on the Kashmir issue, provided both India and Pakistan agree for the mediation. “If I can help, I will certainly do that. If both (Pakistan and India) want, I am ready, willing and able to do it,” said Trump.

The US president said Kashmir was a complex issue that had been going on for a long time. But he expressed his inability to arbitrate unless both the parties involved welcome it.

Trump repeatedly said he has a “very good relationship” with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as with Prime Minister Imran. Trump refused to answer any question on Kashmir directly but the journalists persisted with the topic much to the US President’s chagrin.

Answering another question, Trump said: “People in my position have treated Pakistan very badly. But there was a reason for that. I trust Pakistan but people before me didn’t, but they didn’t know what they were doing.”


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