Where are the copies of Quran that Kerala Minister claims to have brought? NIA, Customs to Probe

Controversies have sparked on the actual content of diplomatic baggage that Kerala minister KT Jaleel received from UAE. The customs department have found the information provided regarding the case is not matching considering the weight mentioned in the bill.

The diplomatic baggage, which arrived at the UAE consulate on March 4 in the name of the consul general, was listed on the airway bill as weighing 4478 kg. There were 250 packets. If so, a packet would weigh 17.912 kg. A sample Quran collected from the packets kept by Minister Jalil weighed 576 grams by customs. According to customs, a packet weighs 17,856 kg and contains 31 religious texts.

In that case, there is a difference of 14 kg between the two in terms of the weight recorded on the bill and the weight of the customs sample test. Although it is believed that the entire scripture came from, it is doubtful what the extra 14 kg was.

A total of 32 boxes were sent to C-apt from the UAE consulate. Two boxes were opened in front of the employees and they contained religious texts. The 30 remaining boxes were not opened and were taken to Malappuram in a C-apt vehicle.

The Customs is investigating if these boxes actually contained religious texts. The Customs will probe why the religious texts, which were readily available in Kerala, were imported from abroad. The officials had weighed the box which was remaining in C-apt.

Meanwhile, officials at C-apt said they were acting on the directions of K. T. Jaleel. Customs officials have collected information from five employees so far.