When they danced defying their disabilities

The audience held their breath, watched awestruck as a group of differently-abled dancers performed in sync with their abled counterparts spinning their wheelchairs and balancing on their crutches. The visual treat gave way to melodious musical and non-stop applause poured in when heart-touching patriotic songs were sung by a group of visually impaired singers. These spellbound performances were witnessed at the innovative dance festival Integrated Dance Festival ‘Flying Wings presented by AAMAD Dance Centre in association with SAHA Infratech Pvt Ltd was held at Kamani Auditorium, Mandi House on January 20.

The programme began with the dance performance on Khwaja mere Khwaja with artists on wheelchairs. It was followed by a Kathak, Natak Sudha choreographed by Rani Khanam, founder of AAMAD. Other performances included were Tarana, again a Kathak and Vande Mataram. Also, Om Shanti, was performed by differently abled artists on wheelchairs and crutches. The next performance was Kirdar Sargam, which brought out the essence of integrated geometric shapes.
Through their exceptionally skilled wheelchair performances and melodious voices, the performers transcended the boundaries of physiological and psychological disabilities and defied all the conventional notions of dancing and singing. The only thing that was on display was their indomitable spirit.

“The art is connected with the soul irrespective of the disability. Spirit is important rather than the body parts. The main objective of this performance was to recognise the hidden potential of each person with a disability. AAMAD is committed to changing the attitude, apathy, negativity and fear against the marginalised & destitute group, persons with & without disabilities through various activities like dance, music, theatre performances, training, workshops, interactive sessions and demonstrations, ” said Rani Khanam about the performers and the festival.
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