When our children are born merely out of lust…

What could this be defined? When crimes, murder and to the least bullying happens within the same family. And after all trials, it’s very simply benchmarked it’s all of the mental trauma, the psyche or the imbalanced state of mind, it so happened. But how can we very easily categorise it so and relax back in our couches? For it may tomorrow happen in our homes too, what we read today in the newspaper or watched on any news channels that keep separate slots to air all these exclusively.

A story that happened yesterday is soon forgotten by the very next that comes in the series. I don’t intend to talk exactly here of the domestic violence, but something very much serious to that. We know a child that enters the primary class will have an unavoidable lesson, ‘My Family’. And well it’s defined there itself. My family comprises of my father, mother, brother, sister and well in sweet additions grandparents too. It’s first there the change need to be made. A family should be defined as where there is harmony. A family could be defined as where there is peace. A family could further be defined as where there is unconditional love. And need not be always a total package of father, mother, brother and sister.

A random look of the crimes that have happened in recent times keeps each one of us alarming. It may be husband killing wife, or wife doing it back to one’s husband and many many such on its way. And the questions that would hook some with any sense is whether the children born are merely out of lust and desire. When the parenting classes going on nowadays, it’s not exactly of the mark. In every home, monthly once at least both the husband and wife need to go together for good counselling and treatment without fail if they need it.

I remember what Khalil Gibran once said, “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself,” Though children are born out of us, it’s not giving us any right to kill off their minds, shattering their dreams, their gifted childhood and knowingly showering on them with the most cursed life and simply move on. Even if we can’t keep them happy and well, please don’t make their life at the very least traumatic. Because the guilt of one’s parents, the insecure feelings poured in will stigmatize the small minds and never could they come out of that. So if matters within the home could be simply made by dissolving a marriage, that could be the biggest mercy you would be indeed giving for the children, who been merely brought to this world out of lust.

Parvathy Ramchandran