WHEN I ENVY YOU: Poem by Parvathy Ramachandran

Painting Courtesy: Woman Abstract Painting by Corporate Art Task Force

How you follow thy mistress?
I envy you at times!
You move along,
-when she does.
You pause,
-when she applies a break.
You protect her from hurt!
When she take rough paths.
You even armour her!
When she needs to slap,
some scoundrels surrounding.
Sometimes you make her-
Stand tall, when she wants to.
Sometimes you warm her!
When she wants warmth.
Sometimes you-
Say her without saying.
It’s time, getting used to.
And, who doesn’t-
Love to have a new one.
That can make your feet.
Look more adorning!
But you still keep following…
I envy you!

Parvathy Ramachandran