When an expert captain D V Sathe dies in a tragic aircrash

When an experienced pilot Deepak Vasant Sathe dies of an aircrash, the risky tabletop airport is once again catches the headlines.

The Karipur plane crash was a result of adverse weather conditions preventing the pilot from being able to see the runway, preliminary reports said.

The pilot of the ill fated Air India Express flight from Dubai to Kozhikode, captain Deepak Vasant Sathe, was also killed in the crash.

An Indian Air Force Wing Commander, Captain Sathe retired in 2003 and moved to commercial aircraft flying as per official data online. He was a decorated officer who ranked 58 at the National Defence Academy (NDA) with the Sword of Honour.

He was an ace test pilot in the Indian Air Force. Captain Sathe flew Airbus 310s for Air India before moving to Air India Express on the Boeing 737 commercial flights and was a very skilled pilot.

Captain Sathe was residing at Powai in Mumbai, Maharashtra with his wife and their two sons.