What triggers you to use smartphone? How to get rid of the addiction?

    You might deny that you don’t have a smartphone addiction, but most of you do. And you don’t even realize it. In order to decode what triggers this addiction, research was done to find out the real reason behind it.

    Researchers found out that there are four main triggers behind this unique addiction. Alexis Hiniker, Assistant Professor at the University of Washington’s Information School explained the general mindset behind smartphones.

    To begin with, he said, ‘For a couple of years, I’ve been looking at people’s experiences with smartphones and listening to them talk about their frustration with the way they engage with their phones. But on the flip side, when we ask people what they find meaningful about their phone use, nobody says, Oh, nothing.’

    The following triggers you to use your smartphone:

    1. Free or leisure moments
    2. During a boring or repetitive task
    3. Socially awkward situations
    4. Awaiting specific messages

    The research for smartphone addiction

    An in-depth study was conducted to understand why people can’t resist but use their smartphones after every now and then. This was done by interviewing the subjects who took part in the research. They were also asked about their views on how can they stop smartphone addiction if required.

    The question asked was, ‘The solution is not to get rid of this technology; it provides enormous value. So the question is: How do we support that value without bringing along all the baggage?’

    After the research was conducted, they found that there were common triggers among various groups. Also, the answers most of them gave on how to stop the addiction also matched to a great extent.

    ‘This doesn’t mean that teens use their phones the same way adults do. But I think this compulsive itch to turn back to your phone plays out the same way across all these groups,’ the researcher said.

    How to get rid of smartphone addiction

    It might seem a herculean task first, but with the time you can easily overcome the urge to check your phone. All you need to do is follow some easy and basic steps to engage yourself and not get to have free time where you have nothing to do.

    The following steps will help you:

    • When you have an urge to use phone meet up a friend
    • Go driving around with a friend/family
    • Keep a book handy and take it when you have leisure time
    • Note down the time you have spent on your smartphone