WEEKENDS SPENT AT BEACHES: Poem by Parvathy Ramachandran

Painting by Evgenia Drabkina | Abstract Art on Wood | Red River

If at all I feel, I need a break
If at all I feel, I need a drive
If at all I feel, I need a cool breeze
If at all I feel, I need a chill
If at all I feel, I need a walk
I would soon, make my way
To the beaches that,
surround my home.

I move South, it’s Kovalam.
I move North, it’s Shanghumugham.
No other spots would make me
chill, sport and make me merry
At very little expense.
For what all I get there,
Is absolutely free,
than the peanuts I buy.

I feel, each peanut I chew,
I chewed down all that I had to.
It helps much, and the kick
Makes me free,
when the waves
touch my feet.
For I can’t be made wet more,
In a touch of no returns.

It just come, in such a beauty
Sometime so soft,
sometimes I feel
it’s hard, so hard.
But the tough, is for no returns.
And it soothes me, than any-
And I walk all the way alone.

The splash of golden grains of sand
And I feel,
it’s the structures that fly.
The structures,
that stood my path once;
But not any more
And walk so free, alone and alone.

The cool breeze,
it did give me the warmth,
and I threw away my shrug
for its not me who needs that.
The wind carried it to the
ones who needed it;
And they wrapped them again.

And yet again
when I felt
I need a break
I made a drive to the beach
Either to the south or north
Not to anywhere else
No to anyone else too.

©Parvathy Ramachandran