We will stand up to protect faith; will prove it in the Supreme Court, says Modi


    Kozhikode: The Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised the people in Kerala that the BJP will stand up to ensure the protection of faith circuitously aiming at the Shabarimala front. He was addressing the massive crowd that gathered at the ‘Vijay Sankalp’ in Kozhikode of Kerala. PM Modi hit out at “outdated communists” and “fake liberals” for their silence on the political violence in Kerala while assuring the BJP workers that their “struggles” won’t go in vain.

    “The rituals and beliefs of people will be protected, the central government will prove this in the Supreme Court,” he said adding that both the UDF and LDF wanted to see this right ensured by the constitution ruined. “In the background of the Supreme Court verdict, certain forces are seeking to break the centuries-old customs” – Modi accused.

    Throughout his speech, the PM did not mention the word ‘sabarimala’ which was barred by the election commission, but he reiterated that he would protect the rituals. Earlier the Chief Electoral Officer of the state, Tikaram Meena, had said that strict actions will be followed if the names of Sabarimala, Ayyappan or other gods are used in the election campaign.

    Narendra Modi who started his speech by wishing a happy Vishu to all Malayalees slammed the Congress for corruption. Modi said it is ‘Tughlaq Road Corruption’ happening in India pointing out to Tughlaq road where the Congress leaders reside in Delhi. He accused that the money that has to be used for women and children are being used for the welfare of Congress.

    Thousands of BJP workers and supporters demonstrated their support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi by waving with their mobile phones lit up and raised high in the air. His visit has further added enthusiasm among the party workers in Kerala.


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