We will kill your baby at womb once again if you get pregnant, CPM goons threaten woman who had miscarriage in the attack of party leader

    Courtesy: Mathrubhumi News

    A story reported by a local media portrays the pathetic condition of a woman in Kerala who is being aimed by ruling communist party leaders in the state. The leaders of the party has come up with fresh threats that they will kill the baby within womb if she return to her own house in the village, reveals the lady. Though her story was earlier discussed by the media, actions from the concerned were for namesake.

    “They are not done even after killing my baby in my womb. We knew that they wouldn’t let us live peacefully. We were forced to run away from our home. Now, when I visit my village, they threaten me that they will kill my baby If I get pregnant again,” said Jyotsna in tears. She had a miscarriage in the attack of a CPM leader in Kodencheri here.

    Thenamkuzhiyil Jyotsna and her husband Siby are helpless while describing their situation facing threat from the ‘VIPs’ in the society. They were denied their right to lead a peaceful life after filing a complaint against CPM leaders.

    Jyotsna and her family were attacked by CPM branch secretary Thettalil Thambi and his gang over a dispute over land ownership. The incident took place on February 15, 2018.

    Jyotsna, who was four months pregnant then, had a miscarriage after being beaten up by one of the attackers. Following the incident, police registered a case against 7 persons including Thambi. Jyotsna and her family complained that the CPM activist and his gang have been threatening them after being released on bail.

    The family then shifted to a rented house at Koorachundu from their own house at Velamcode in Kodenchery.

    “Now, the accused and his gang are not letting us enter our home or our land at Kodenchery. We had given the house for rent. Now, the accused are not allowing us to end the deal with the tenants. They threatened us that if we do not withdraw the case, they will not let us live. The other day, when I visited my house at Kodenchery, they showered abusive words on me. They also threatened that if I get pregnant again, they will kill my baby again like last time and break my legs,” Jyotsna described her horrific experience with the accused.

    Following this, the woman and her family lodged a new complaint against the accused on June 20. But so far, the police ahve not taken any action on the complaint against Prajeesh Gopalan and Pramesh Gopalan.

    “We got an APL ration card for possessing only 8 cents of land and a small house. The officials concerned are not changing our ration card to BPL because we have filed a complaint against the CPM men,” said Jyotsna’s husband Siby.

    Siby, who was a driver, also turned jobless following the incident. Now, he is looking after his family by doing daily wage jobs like clearing thickets and shrubs and tilling land.

    The family complained that they shifted to Koorachundu, which is 40 km away from their home after receiving continuous threats from the accused. After suffering a severe injury to the uterus in the attack in 2018, Jyotsna is still receiving treatment.

    “We do not want to create any problems with the political party. We only want to live peacefully at our home,” Jyotsna and family sought help to lead a normal life.

    Courtesy: Mathrubhoomi Online