We are Sorry Sujith, For Our Grave Negligence

Rescue operations that lasted for 80 hours were not enough to save the life of the 2-year-old kid Sujith Wilson who had fallen into an abandoned borewell on Friday at 5:30 pm. The NDRF team had drilled a 110-feet deep hole parallel to the borewell, through which Sujith’s depth was measured as 100 feet.

Due to the rocky terrain, it was difficult for the machinery to dig through with their existing machines. Hence, special drilling equipment cut out for digging through rocky terrain was brought in from Chennai.

Despite all the efforts, the operations were not sufficient to save Sujith’s life. His body was taken to the hospital before being handed over to the family members. It is being reported that Sujith’s body was in a decomposed state.

Sujith Wilson’s fight against time ended in the early hours of Tuesday as his body was retrieved from the borewell in a decomposed state.


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