Vagina like sliced meat, changing sanitary pads 8 to 12: Kerala transgender woman reveals shocking details of her surgery

‘I have to change nearly 8 to 12 sanitary pads each day, I have bowel movements 4-5 times daily. My stomach is full of scars. My vagina is sliced like meat’, these words of Anannyah Kumari Alex about her incessant troubles after undergoing sex reassignment surgery speak a lot.

The shocking facts have come out after Anannyah was found hanging in her flat on Tuesday. Anannyah had shared with her friends the painful ordeals that she was going through. Before her death, Anannyah opened up about her health issues post-surgery in an exclusive interview with a reporter from Mathrubhumi News.

Meanwhile, Renai Medicitiy authority has dismissed the alleged medical negligence in Anannyah’s surgery. In a press release, the private hospital authority claimed that they took Anannyah for the surgery after completing all procedures including counselling.