Urban Naxals created Brahmin patriarchy

    First activity that Marxists undertake is to destroy entire cultural heritage and somehow convert everyone into empty-headed zombies, to create space in their minds so as to allow the venomous doctrine of Marxism to establish itself in their minds. And these Marxists would go to any extent to wreak destruction. Their limit is no limit at all. Post 1947, all these enemies of the nation have caused havoc to nation’s education system. They forced removal of all chapters from school text-books that related to freedom movement, cultural values, rich heritage, traditions, etc. Consequences are there for all to see today in the form of social tension, rising crime-graph, all sorts of social problems, etc. Their ideologue Lenin was so categorical in declaring, “In general as you all probably know, I am not particularly fond of intelligentsia and our new slogan ‘eliminate illiteracy’ should by no means be taken as expressing a wish to give birth to a new intelligentsia. To ‘eliminate illiteracy’ is necessary only so that every peasant, every worker can read our decrees, orders and appeals by himself without anyone’s help. The goal is purely practical. That’s all there is to it.” And more of it, “…the bourgeoisie and its accomplices, those smart little intellectuals, the lackeys of capital who fancy themselves the nation’s brains. In point of fact, they are not brains but shit.” Since Marxists have to spread their tentacles in every nook and corner of the country, they maintain their quota of “creative intellectuals/eminent historians/secular gems” in all educational/research/constitutional bodies.

    Golden period for Bharatiya  historians post-1947 lasted till the tragic and unfortunate death of Lal Bahadur Shastri, the then Prime Minister in 1966. In Parliamentary elections after Shastri’s untimely death in Tashkent, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi could not muster absolute majority in Lok Sabha on her own hence, she was compelled to bank upon Marxist members in the house for the sake of survival in power. It was then that the sordid saga of demanding their pound of flesh from the Government as a measure of quid pro quo commenced. And the climax was raising Jawaharlal Nehru University based in New Delhi, a ‘bourgeoisie-eminent-secular’ example that showcases the rot quite eminently. With educational curriculum so contaminated with diabolical Marxist ideology for six decades or so, nation is now witnessing an army of Marxists dispersed all over the nation under various garbs leaving no stone unturned to nibble away and destroy the country.

    Naxalism/Maoism are popular varieties of Marxism who had been on murder-spree in the country and also on hot target of security forces. During UPA-I and UPA-II regimes, Naxalites/Maoists had a field day in brutally killing innocents and security forces by the edge of their whims. They did not spare even Jawans sleeping in barracks after a hard day work, women and children. They employed every move to thwart economic development of backward areas where the brutal ideology thrived. Marxism/Naxalism/Maoism are fraudulent to the core as they profess to be a ‘voice of rebellion’ against penury/exploitation/extortion/backwardness/persecution while they readily pick-up arms to kill all those who visit backward areas to launch various schemes of development. They do not hesitate even in bombing schools/hospitals or destroying roads. Deceleration in this murder-destruction spree began only after BJP regime under the leadership of Narendra Modi was installed at the Centre in 2014. While security forces were granted unbridled freedom and all required resources to neutralise Maoist-killers, massive development/re-construction programmes were undertaken on 24×30 x365 hour basis to pull out all backward regions from the morass of abject penury into rising horizons of prosperity and comfortable life to decimate it in it’s roots. In a span of just four years, a determined government turned the tables on marauders and Marxists encountered existential crisis in real terms. It was then that degree-holding Marxists/Naxalites/Maoists hiding in bushes and shadows in urban areas were smoked out into the open and forced to lay bare their venomous fangs and claws. Thus coined was the term Urban-Naxals who may be lawyers, journalists, authors, doctors, teachers or any other profession for that matter under the sun. They all together constitute glitterati for Marxists/Naxalites/Maoists, sniggerati for saffron acolytes and ‘obstructionrati’ for nation’s development.

    Urban-Naxals have been religiously burning mid-night oil to identify an issue which may conflagrate like a prairie fire across the nation so as to enable them ensure, resurgence and renaissance of moribund ideology of Marxism in a new avatar. It is this strategy of offering old wine in a new bottle that discovered for them devices like attack on churches, rape of a nun in Bengal, slaying of so-called rationalists, returning awards by those who never deserved them, cow-vigilantes etc. It goes to immense credit of BJP Government led by Narendra Modi that all those dubious strategies were exposed and shattered into pieces after due diligence of investigation by agencies. After meandering through the slush of those dubious strategies to defame Hindu-s, nation, Modi Government and consistently coming out a cropper, they have finally landed with a new strategy of Brahmana-Patriarchy on the eve of Lok Sabha-2019 elections in a desperate bid to stop BJP juggernaut under outstanding leadership of Narendra Modi. When visiting CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey was photographed displaying a placard with the message “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy”, the issue suddenly gained momentum. Why have ‘smart’ Urban-Naxal thinkers selected Brahmins for the fantastic allegation of ‘patriarchy’, is an interesting study as we move on to unravel that. Was he played by Marxists and Crypto-Christians masquerading as liberals or there was something more than that?

    Brahmin is the Varna  out of four, that used to be conferred upon disciples endowed with Sattvika Guna-s inclined to pursue study of Veda-s and Sruti  by a Siddha Guru  in his Asrama  i.e. hermitage. Any Varna  could be conferred upon anyone based on predominance of Gunas by the Guru and the institution of Varna  was strictly merit based absolutely devoid of even a trace of dynasticism. It worked very well for centuries, then degraded into dynastic traits after the monster of casteism was pushed into Hindu society by foreign invaders. As a matter of an axiomatic reality, casteism never ever existed in Hindu  society and it is entirely an import from western invaders. Members of Brahmin Varna were bound by very strict rules of conduct entirely dedicated to society while resolutely adhering to highest order of character, integrity and the selfless profession of teaching in Gurukulas. Since Brahmins were the most powerful unifying factor among Hindus, western Christiandom coined the word Brahmanism  substituting Hinduism as Hinduism could have raised hackles in Hindu  minds foiling their nefarious designs. And the term “Brahmanism” has been gladly lapped up by Marxist Urban-Naxals, suffixed with “Patriarchy” to stoke their agenda of penetrating into Hindu society before destroying it from within. Hindu society had never been patriarchical historically. Indeed, western invaders were stoutly patriarchical and they imposed their regressive values upon Hindu-s under their domination, then. I am eager to know from some renowned Marxist to identify any Communist society anywhere in the world that had ever been truly egalitarian before they pour ridicule upon anyone else to be patriarchical. Brahmana-Patriarchy is Culture-War of the west that is intimately connected with Gender-War too. So Brahmana-Patriarchy is a deadly cocktail of Caste-War, Gender-War, Culture-War and every other conceivable Intra-society war to ensure, disruption of social order and nation’s development agenda.

    Why are Brahmins being targeted so readily? One does not need to be a genius of the order of Albert Einstein to ferret out the hidden cause. Brahmins, Sadhus, Parivrajakas and wandering mendicants have been Gurus to Hindu society, always guided them during adversities and existential crises. They inspired masses against overseas invaders to fiercely resist their domination from the forefront. While most of the fighting was undertaken by kings and their warriors, Brahmana-s preserved entire Vedic  knowledge through Sruti  precisely as it were thousands of years ago, literature, sacred Murtis and cultural heritage by hiding in jungles and mountains, by imparting education upon children in their homes, then re-establishing all that in society after crisis was over. Shrewdness, ingenuity, astuteness and survival instincts of Brahmins have been a cause of enormous heart-burn among invaders as they were unable to cope up with that. Brahamanical perseverance and defence of Hinduism had been a huge irritant not only for two fanatical desert cults of Islam and Christianity but also dogmatic votaries of dubious equality and equity through Marxism. These pioneers of Brahmanical Patriarchy know very well, when kingdoms in past judiciously engaged Brahmanical-intellectualism, they remained mighty, prosperous and declined to be invaded whenever dis-engaged or ignored them. There is an example galore from history available. Defeat and exit of Alexander from Mecedonia in BCE 326 were entirely strategised by Brahmin Guru Chanakya; determined Chanakya groomed Chandragupta Maurya to raise grand Mauryan  Empire and decimate Nanda  dynasty; after demise of Chhatrapati Shivaji, it was left to Brahmin Peshwas to expand Maratha  Empire from Afghanistan to Panjab to Mysore, so much so that western Christian invaders were extremely apprehensive of Hindu-revivalism through Brahmin. Brahmins have been selected by enemies of Hinduism for target-practice as well as crafting a conspiracy to ruin Sanatana Dharma through them. Effectiveness of the strategy can be gauged by the fact most of prominent Marxists are Brahmins spewing venom against Sanatana Dharma. Till British invasion, Brahmins did not enjoy special status in society, were respected by non-Brahmins and that was the end of it. British-occupiers raised them to the status of dominating society so much so that in States like Tamil Nadu and Bengal, anti-Brahmin movements started.

    Jack Dorsey and fellow Americans abused Bharatiya hospitality. He followed footsteps of President Barack Obama who lectured us on our soil to be more tolerant. “Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy” has connotations of extreme violence through which Marxists would like to conduct genocide of crores barring so-called elite class to purify the society, ‘core’ of Marxism/Naxalism/Communism that they practised in several countries. However, Brahmana-Patriarchy may soon be the buzzword, several books shall be authored, research papers published and a well-promoted seminar organised in Oxford University campus wherein a Princeton Professor shall distribute pearls of wisdom on this new-found non-entity. And nobody should expect any strong response from Hindus as they have been for centuries/are still wonderful Self-enemies.


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