Upset with CPI(M) cadre’s threats, women activist leaves Munnar

    The CPI(M) recently organised a Women’s Wall to highlight its commitment to gender rights. But when it comes to atrocities against women, the CPI(M) tops the list. A slew of cases of sexual harassment and rape against its top functionaries have dented its image. Recently the CPI(M)-led government had transferred a young woman police officer who has shown the courage to carry out a raid on the CPI(M) office where miscreants who pelted stones at a police station where a POCSO accused party worker was lodged were hiding.

    The latest victim of CPI(M)’s anti-women drive is Gomathi, the leader of Pempilai Orumai (Women’s Collective) who spearheaded a campaign against the exploitation of powerful estate owners and Left trade union leaders. Gomathi has decided to leave her place of work in Munnar and settle down at a different place. She told Janam TV that she is fed up with the threats from CPI(M) leaders and the police. Her fight exposed the duplicity of the Left leaders.

    Gomathi had contested an election for local body and won. Later she joined CPI(M) thinking that the party would meet the demands of the estate workers. The party had promised that cases registered against her colleagues would be withdrawn and landless would be given land.

    Gomathi alleged that CPI(M) took the people belonging to tribal communities to join the “Women’s Wall” giving them a false impression that the “Wall” was for propaganda against the young women’s temple entry in Sabarimala


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