Un-LeLi’s phoney outrage over cricketer Harbhajan’s tweet  

Urban Naxal-Left-Liberals (Un-LeLis) mounted a concerted attack on former cricketer Harbhajan Singh for sharing a post on Twitter and called him a “bigot”. What provoked them was an innocent tweet the successful Chandrayaan-2 launch to which some of the Urban Naxals read too much into it. But in their phoney outrage what remained unsaid is their frustration over India’s achievement in the space sector.


In fact, it was not Harbhajan’s original post: he was only tweeting a post that had gone viral on the social media. Harbhajan’s tweet reads: “Some countries have moon on their flags…While some countries having their flags on moon,” Singh tweeted. He also added flags of the two ‘types’ of countries.

Coming down heavily on Harbhajan, well-known Urban Naxal Kavita Krishnan wrote a stinging post: “May I disturb this bigoted story of yours with some reality? This is the Nepal flag, also with the crescent moon on it. Literally ‘flagging’ all ‘Muslim’ countries, is the essence of Islamophobic baiting & profiling.”