Twitter roasts ‘overrated’ Malala for outrage on Kashmir, silence on Baluchistan

A few weeks ago, in a Pakistani TV channel discussion, the panelists expressed their frustration over Pakistani Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai’s silence over the Kashmir issue and said she has no sympathies for Pakistani cause. Under pressure from her compatriots and Islamic hotheads back home and the UK, Malala, in a series of tweets, ‘raised her concern over situation in Kashmir’.

Malala said she was concerned about “reports of 4,000 people, including children, arbitrarily arrested and jailed” in Kashmir in the wake of India nullifying Article 370 that gave discriminatory special status to Kashmir.

In a tweet, Malala said, “I’ve spent time speaking with people living and working in #Kashmir – journalists, human rights lawyers and students.”

In the second tweet, Malala, who according to Seema Chouhary (@seems3r) is one of the most overrated creations of the western media’, said, “I wanted to hear directly from girls living in Kashmir right now. It took a lot of work from a lot of people to get their stories because of the communications blackout. Kashmiris are cut off from the world and unable to make their voices heard. #LetKashmirSpeak.”

Soon after she tweeted, there was a barrage of tweets criticising her silence on Baluchistan where Pakistan is mounting human rights violations on people who are demanding separation from Pakistan.

Retired Major Gaurav Arya says: “Malala uses her Nobel winner status to talk only about Kashmir. What about Hindu/Sikh girls getting forcibly converted in Pakistan? What about Baloch? Malala’s statements are simply to please Pak Army so that she can return home. @NobelPrize You have honoured a female Khomeini.”

According to Arya, Malala aspired to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan and she wanted to return to her native country. Therefore she is taking a strident position on Kashmir.