TURMERIC LEAF: Do you know how powerful they are?

    Turmeric leaves are cultivated and used extensively in Southern Asia. According to Bangalore-based nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood, “turmeric leaves are renowned for its antiseptic and anticarcinogenic properties. But you must know when to limit the usage, overdose of it can cause harm too. It is best to consult the experts”

    Here are incredible benefits of Turmeric leaves you may not have known:

    1. Cooking

    Run out of turmeric? No problem. The extract of dried turmeric leaves soaked in water can serve the same purpose. It will impart the same golden yellow hue you expect from the powder. As such, haldi leaves are extensively used in Indian, Thai and Malaysian cooking. Turmeric has a bitter-astringent flavour but in Mangalorean cuisine, turmeric leaves are used to cook a sweet dish called Patholi. Patholi is a sweet rice dumpling steamed in turmeric leaves! It is also commonly known as Haldikolyache Patholi in Konkani.

    2. Boosts Digestion

    Crushed turmeric or haldi leaves can help boost digestion and reduce problems of gas and bloating. Curcumin is said to trigger bile production, which is one of the main components of digestion. Increased secretion of bile juice aids smoother digestion.

    3. Strong Anti-inflammatory Properties

    Due to the strong anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin, turmeric leaves could prove to be a boon for those suffering osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. According to experts the bio-active compound can help alleviate the pain. However, having turmeric in large quantities may not be the best idea either. Consult your doctor for the ideal amount.

    4. Beauty Benefits

    Curcumin, the star compound of haldi leaves, could prove to be your best companion through all your beauty woes too. Turmeric leaves can be crushed into a paste and applied to the skin. The paste will help keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing. It will also help keep the dark spots or blemishes away.

    5. Antiseptic Properties

    Curcumin, the therapeutic component of turmeric is also packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which boosts healing. Take some turmeric leaves, crush them, gradually add some water and make it into a paste. Apply this paste on minor burns, cuts and injuries and see its healing effects yourself.

    Here is a delicious recipe from Goa using Turmeric Leaves. Excuse us, for the language is Konkani, but we are sure that wouldn’t stop you from learning this mouth-watering recipe.


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