Turkish President Erdoğan says ‘assimilation’ polices anti-Islam, can’t accept  

Prominent Islamic scholars across the world have denounced the efforts of assimilation initiated by many Western countries. According to them, Islam is a complete civilization that is superior to all other civilizations. Islamic doctrine addresses the barrier between the Kafirs and Muslims.

Recently, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has come down heavily on “insidious policies of assimilation” of the Western countries. According to him, this is an example of hostility toward Muslims. Regarding such hostility, including violence against Muslims, he asked “do we have no obligation, no responsibility to hate from our hearts? For as long as we do not do this, we will take many more beatings.”

Warning of Western threats to Turkish families, he said: “However much we take ownership of children, women, the elderly, and the disabled, against threats whose source is the West, our family structure will be protected to that degree.” Surveying the turmoil in various Middle Eastern countries, he concluded: “The imperialist understanding of ‘divide, break apart, and swallow the Islamic countries’ is continuing on its path.” He announced that following Turkey’s invasion of northeast Syria, “370,000 people, by their own wish, have returned [to Syria] and settled in the regions of Syria that we have made safe.”

Erdoğan says, “The hostility toward Islam and Muslims that is becoming more common in Western countries as time goes on is another important question. One section of the problems is in the form of direct attacks on property and lives. One section appears in insidious policies of assimilation. Whereas another section appears as a blind hostility. Whatever form it takes, in the end those who are victims, who are oppressed, are always Muslims. Are they attacking our mosques? They are. Are Muslims being killed where they are seen? They are. For how long will we remain silent in the face of this?