‘Tukde-Tukde Gang’ creates ruckus in JNU ‘Love Jihad’ film show, assaults organisers

An injured security guard being taken to a hospital

Lumpen elements of the Left outfits, AISA and SFI, and jihadi groups on Friday brutally assaulted organisers of an event that was organised to screen a documentary ‘In the Name of Love’, which exposed the organised Islamic conversion racket that targeted gullible Hindu girls in Kerala. So much for their freedom of expression.

The lumpen elements also created ruckus and prevented the show. They brutally assaulted the organisers who were later admitted to a hospital. Although the organisers pleaded with them to allow the screening of the documentary, the Left-jihadi groups didn’t heed and went on a rampage and attacked organisers, said an eyewitness.

Sudipto Sen, director of the documentary, states: “Today JNUSU has lynched and raped art, artists, artistic expression and freedom of speech. I didn’t see how mob killing happens but today I witnessed that at Sabarmati Dhaba in JNU. Today, I learnt the defination of intolerance! I never believed JNU is the breeding ground of inhumanity… Today I witnessed that. These goons are no better than than the mob-killers. Occasion was…Screening of my film In The Name of Love! Ambika JK and me, requested all to watch the film at least. We were expecting a healthy debate, post screening…All went in vain. JNUSU today were

Left lumpen elements attacked organisers with stones and sharp-edged weapons

just in rampage and lynching mode. Film could not be screened but trust me, I realized no more JNU. They ashamed country’s prime institute… Felt sorry for the injured students and my heart goes with security personal who got serious injury. All are like a bad dream to us.”

Ambika JK who wrote the script of the documentary states: “They always talk about freedom of expression but seldom allow others to exercise their freedom. They can’t tolerate alternative views. They didn’t allow us to screen the documentary. Leftists are a menace. Shame on JNUSU.”




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