Training program to generate skilled human resources for hospitals

India’s healthcare sector needs more skilled professionals. Under Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) skill initiative program the institute is going to start a training course to generate skilled human resources ready for employment in the hospitals, diagnostic pathology centres, forensic laboratories, research industries and laboratories and academia.

“This is a unique opportunity for skill development and basic training in the area of pathology starting from the basic steps to generalized report preparation” told Dr Madhav Nilakanth Mugale, scientist, CDRI.

The course will cover the basic important technique of how to work with the pathology and diagnostic laboratory or drug research area to support the pathology point of view etc. “The dearth of proper & expert pathology technicians within the arena of Medical Services coupled with a low livelihood opportunity for the youth is the main motivation behind designing the course” said Dr Mugale.  The courses are targeted to candidates having a biological background. “Such a course can provide opportunities for the youth as well as bridge the gap in medical services of the country” added Dr Mugale.

The training includes both theoretical and hands on-training. Pathological tools and techniques for biomedical applications course will give an opportunity to the candidates to work with pathology laboratory, practical exposure of equipment and sample handling of various laboratories animals. The participants will learn the general introduction to pathology and pathological techniques with hands on exposure to basic laboratory instruments used in pathology laboratory.

It will also give chance to matriculate student in diagnostic laboratory, hospital, Pharma sector, diagnostic sector and blood collection centre in villages.

Participants will undergo basic training in the area of pathology starting from, blood collection and necropsy of laboratory animals, clinical pathology: reception and labelling of samples, record keeping, cleaning; Preparation of various stains and reagents; stool, urine examinations and Haematology analysis; Blood smear preparation; Staining of blood smear and Differential Leucocyte Count (DLC) analysis; Biopsy and cytology and collection of material, Preparation of stain and staining by Leishman and Giemsa; Diagnostics to advance and specialized training of Genotoxicity test procedure including Micronucleus test, Chromosomal aberration and  Bacterial reverse mutation assay (Ames assay).

The participants will also be trained for communication skill, quality control and organization and management of laboratory.

For applying in the program candidate can get full information from CDRI website. (India Science Wire)

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