Tragic story of Anjana Harish who became Chinnu Zulfikar

Anjana Harish, hailing from a traditional Kerala Hindu family, used to pursue BA in Malayalam literature from the Government Brennan College, Thalassery, Kannur.  The starry-eyed girl had a passion for literature and used to attend literature festivals. The gullible girl fell into a bad company of anarchists, Urban Naxals and jihadists. Activism had gone into her head. She openly declared that she was a queer person and participated in ‘Kiss of Love’ campaign sponsored by the Left. Even before her close relatives could figure out what was happening to her, her condition was beyond redemption. Her relatives said she was an alcoholic and a drug addict.

In the meanwhile, Anjana went missing one day right after her college farewell meet. Her activist friends demonstrated and pelted stones at Anjana’s grandmother’s house, accusing the old woman of hiding their friend. Her mother filed a missing person’s petition in the local police station.

The police managed to find her from the house of her friend Gargi, daughter of Naxalite leader Ajitha. Anjana was produced before the court who told the judge that she does not want to go with her mother and would like to live with Gargi. Since she was a grown up woman of 22 years, the court allowed her to do so.

On March 17, Anjana along her anarchist-friends embarked on a trip to Goa. Since she had cut herself off from most of her relatives, they had no idea as to what was happening in the woman’s life.

On May 15, Anjana’s relatives received desperate calls from her. She pleaded with them to come and take her back home. She was inconsolable. She told her mother that all her friends had betrayed her. Anjana’s hapless parents approached the police. But before they could do anything, they got a message saying that Anjana’s lifeless body was discovered from the garden of the hotel she was staying in.

To their dismay, parents came to know that Anjana had changed her name from Anjana Harish to Chinnu Zulfikar. Anjana’s co-travellers said she had committed suicide after her love affair gone sour. But a friend told the bereaved family that Anjana’s friends had cooked up the ‘love-gone-sour’ story.

Hindu Aikya Vedi leader Sasikala Teacher said this is how Left-Jihadi anarchists entrap Hindu girls and de-cultarize them and Hindus should be vigilant about their machinations. We must culturally fortify our children against the ‘psychological kidnapping’ of Left-Jihadis, she said.

(With inputs from Rajesh Kumar, Kasargod)