TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Today’s energies are particularly favorable for taking part in comforting, earthy, and natural activities, dear Aries. These things can help you renew yourself, heal, and cleanse. You’re also in fine shape for building up projects or attending to business. Financial advice can be forthcoming and useful, and considering various strategies regarding your work or goals can be satisfying and valuable. Your emotional state is strengthened by feeling secure and independent so that efforts to get to these states will be powerful. Keep your mind peaceful now, and you can gain insights into recent events or problems. Still, take the time to reflect on your priorities today.


The day’s energies especially favor committing yourself to a personal project or goal, dear Taurus. You can’t seem to go unnoticed today even though you can be quite single-minded and independent. Emotions are strong and clear. Acknowledging your emotional needs is a necessary process at this time of the lunar month, and gaining clarity can help you make the right decisions in the weeks ahead. Towards the end of the day, the Moon’s move into your resources sector brings a more practical outlook to your life. You’re more inclined to slow down. However, you’re also ready to bring recent ideas to life.


For much of the day, dear Gemini, you’re in a better position for working behind the scenes or quite determinedly and happily on your own. You have a strong need to regroup and recoup your energy. While good energy is with you for unwinding and detaching yourself emotionally from demanding situations, you’re also in an excellent position to take substantial steps forward. You require some regeneration, privacy, rest, or some other form of a break until much later today when the Moon enters Gemini, and you seek more interaction. Focusing on forgiveness can do wonders for you emotionally today. Communicating your inner message, however, is not as easy as it could be just for now.


You’re in fair shape for working with others towards a common goal today, dear Cancer, or for working towards a cherished dream independently. Focusing on long-term happiness goals can be felt as healing on some level today. You’re connecting with a need for undemanding situations and people who are like-minded or, more plainly, good company. Dreams and wishes are in stronger focus, and you feel ready and willing to work towards achieving them. Aim to avoid jumping into something new before you’ve given due consideration to what you already have going. Adding more now may only serve to stress you out. Today seems to favor taking a break from performing, and as it advances, you’re likely to feel a strong desire/need to retreat or renew your energy.


Your motivation levels for working toward a specific goal or ambition are strong today, dear Leo. You’re seeking satisfying work and goals right now, and you can be more goal-oriented than usual. Today may also require you to take the lead, and it comes naturally to you. Your reputation may get a boost, although communications can be on the touchy side today. It’s better to get the wording right. While you’re getting along with others for the most right now, you also have a strong urge to act independently. You have big matters on your mind, such as career, responsibilities, and long-term goals. You’re also motivated to do your best.


You can find yourself especially drawn to people with similar ideals and outlook today, dear Virgo. Current relationships are a little spicier, or your feelings about a person ramp up today. Today’s energies are good for pursuing educational or cultural interests more heartily or with extra commitment. The Moon complements your sign most of today, and this points to an ability to manage emotions quite well. However, a Mercury-Chiron influence active today can lead to some tricky communications or disconnects. It may be that we are reading others’ words through an insecure filter. Fortunately, you’re quicker than usual to rise above a problem today–you’re looking out for what’s to come more than dwelling on the past.


Today’s energies seem quite suitable for work, research, and self-renewal today, dear Libra. You can be rather dedicated to a particular project or pursuit, and you can be so motivated and intrigued by what you’re doing that you end up accomplishing tremendous feats. Another way this energy can play out is that you find yourself pouring a lot of energy into understanding yourself and your inner motivations, which can be rewarding and healing. It’s a good time to reach a new level in an intimate relationship. Still, disconnects can happen if we focus too much on the words communicated and not enough on the intention behind them. Observing and learning rather than jumping into action seems the best approach today, but it is also a good time for taking action on private matters.


Today’s energies are useful for taking special care of a relationship, dear Scorpio. There can be someone special who helps motivate you to set important endeavors into motion. A unique focus or shared purpose can help improve a bond now. For most of the day, the Moon transits your opposite sign, and this inclines you to seek out balance in your life. You see your life from a different perspective or through the eyes of another. You might also pay more attention to the needs or agendas of someone important in your life. People can be particularly sensitive to what’s communicated today, or words can be triggering. However, the day holds terrific potential for bringing a project to a new level or reaching a better understanding of a matter. You may be displaying or improving your expertise in a creative or academic endeavor.


Today’s energies especially support bringing more order and structure to your life, dear Sagittarius. There can be a focus on work or routines and chores. You seem ready to commit to a work project or a health and wellness program. You might also thoroughly enjoy the work you do. Do watch for over-work, which can be counterproductive. It can be a time for gluing the pieces together and feeling the satisfaction for having done so. You might also find yourself helping others or playing a supportive role. Attending to areas that you have neglected can give you a strong sense of accomplishment today, whether these are physical or psychological issues. You’re more inclined to analyze your feelings than just let go and feel them, and you might want to watch for some tendency to say things without thinking.


You can feel quite dedicated to a project or person today, dear Capricorn, or to whatever brings you joy. Deep satisfaction can come through your commitment. Creative pursuits and time alone spent on expressive or leisure activities can feel healing and uplifting. You’re in the mood for special attention. While there can be some disconnects or a tendency to read too much into a matter, you have all the power today to write your own terms. With the Moon in your sector of heartfelt pursuits for most of the day, you’re a little more invested in your projects and relationships than usual. You’re likely to tune into needs that you’ve pushed to the side. There can be some news or an idea that reinforces your ambitions today and tomorrow.


Today’s energies are strong for dedicating yourself to a home or family-related endeavor, dear Aquarius. It can even be healing, and at the very least, satisfying to engage in this way. You might be working from home, or working on the home, and this can be rewarding. As you build your connections, you’re also building your confidence, particularly with recent changing circumstances. You have an inherent need for some privacy and relaxation today with the Moon in your solar fourth house most of the day, and you crave a stronger connection to your roots and your heart. More adventurous days await, but some attention to your home base can be most helpful at this time. You continue to invest a lot of yourself in your projects and ideas, but require some emotional centering. It’s a time for hitting the reset button as you rebuild strength.


Today’s energies particularly favor a dedicated or committed approach to your projects, learning, and communications, dear Pisces. Even so, you could find people are especially sensitive to what’s communicated. They can be drawn to your advice or viewpoint today more so than usual, so it may be best to take extra care with how you word things! While you may come alive with a busy feel much of the day, by day’s end, you have a stronger need to settle in. Until then, you can find much to keep you mentally busy, and you’re inclined to enjoy exploring your ideas. You might find it pleasant to talk something through or learn assorted facts.

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