TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Wednesday, November 6, 2019


With Venus in your adventure sector clashing with Pluto in your performance sector this morning, dear Aries, you can be torn between learning and doing! Even so, good energies are with you for strategy, hard work, and important discoveries. Finding a balance is within reach. While there have been (and will be more) distractions in your life, it’s an overall excellent time for determination in your career or clarity regarding your life direction. You’re taking the lead. You may be looking carefully at the things that need to go for you to become more efficient. Even so, your spirit for adventure is high right now, and a nice work-life balance is entirely possible. The Moon spends the day in your solar twelfth house, in fact, and you’re not inclined to ignore your needs for repose. You’re in good shape for research and investigation. You might enjoy a sense of renewal as you acknowledge feelings you’ve been avoiding or understand yourself just a little bit better.


A stabilizing, empowering influence affects your sectors of life, adventure, creativity, and love today, dear Taurus. You may be connecting with people that help you see a brand new perspective, or you might enjoy a refreshing experience, whether it’s an exciting detour or an adventure of the mind. What falls into place now should help to stabilize your life in a supportive manner. You have a powerful sense of your priorities and what things need to be left behind so that you can get the most out of your life. You are passionate and full of resolve, and this inspires confidence. You find it easy to get carried away, in a nice way! The Moon spends the day in your social sector, and you more deeply connect with the need for undemanding situations and people around you. You also tend to focus on plans and goals related to personal fulfillment. Later today, others are more cooperative, appreciative, and tolerant.


You’re in good shape for pouring your energies into a significant project or an endeavor that’s close to your heart, dear Gemini. This week is quite favorable for pursuits that require some form of streamlining, reorganizing, and pruning. It can be satisfying to eliminate some extras so that you can clear your head. You’re also seeking to get to the heart of a matter. You could feel a stronger sense of personal purpose through the support and backing of others. It can be a good idea to settle debts and obligations and to let go so that you can move forward with less guilt and more freedom. Aim to rid yourself of unnecessary baggage and regrets. The Moon spends the day at the top of your solar chart, putting you in an earnest and responsible frame of mind. With more eyes on you at this time of the lunar month, you’re likely to check in with the rules or your own goals, which in turn can motivate you to push a little more. The effort that goes into your work may be appreciated, and others may expect you to take the lead.


You’re in good shape for tapping into whatever inspires you today and this week, dear Cancer, and pouring your energy into it. Even with the Mercury retrograde caveats in effect, you are in an excellent position to connect with a partner or good friend and thoroughly enjoy yourself. You’re dedicated and focused, and this can benefit you greatly. You might find solutions and satisfying arrangements in love and relationships, or you’re putting your faith in someone, and it improves a bond. There are rewards in believing in yourself and others. Thinking about what’s best for your future comes readily and very much in handy today. The Moon spends the day in your adventure sector, and others are genuinely appreciating your spirit. Your ability to attract people and things into your life runs high. You may be seeking some form of escape from the regular.


You’re in good shape for devoting yourself to an endeavor today, dear Leo, or to a business idea or endeavor. You seem to have the right combination of ambition and willingness to put forth the effort at your disposal. You can be entirely focused on getting a handle on your work, position, or money. You seem to quickly understand what’s unnecessary or frivolous, helping you prioritize and streamline. There can be discoveries that help you to be more productive. Work, daily routines, and health can be areas that you are refining or reorganizing, and efforts can be very successful now and this week. Simplifying can help you improve specific areas of your life. The Moon spends the day in your intimacy sector, and you’re looking at the world a little differently now, taking on an observer’s role. You may find yourself in the position to play detective, and this can be quite useful and enjoyable. Analyzing, researching, and investigating hold much appeal. Family matters, domestic activities, and financial affairs all seem to benefit from your attention now.


You’re in good shape for dedicating yourself to a special pursuit today, dear Virgo. There can be a surge of motivation to take care of business, take steps to get healthy (or healthier), or to resume an old project. You’re ready to commit yourself to something worthwhile, and, fortunately, your sense of what’s valuable and worthy of your energy is on-point. Mercury remains retrograde, however, making it essential to focus on in-progress ventures and to approach old plans in new ways. You could be more willing to take the lead with a project, creative pursuit, or relationship. You’re also commanding more respect from others, especially in love. You might have an opportunity to make a connection with someone you used to know, advance a creative project, or make important refinements to one. Your increased patience goes a long way toward improving your connections and projects, and focusing on what’s best for you in the long run comes in handy. The Moon spends the day in your partnership sector, and you’re inclined to give close relationships special attention. You might seek feedback more than usual at this time of the lunar month.


Today’s energies are good for grabbing a piece of time to yourself to work out a problem, dear Libra. You might decide instead to devote yourself to a loved one or domestic project that can use your undivided attention. You might discover a way to streamline a process, and it comes in very handy. In some life departments, simplicity enriches your life, and it’s easier to see where this is the case today. Your efforts toward restructuring and organizing your life can pay off now. You’re more security-minded than usual, and there seems to be a direct relationship between getting organized and boosted self-confidence. The Moon spends the day in your work and health sector, and you’re especially interested in making your resources, job, or routines work for you. Harmony means the world to you, and, as today advances, there’s a strong inclination to cooperate rather than compete.


While there can be a disconnect early today as one part of you wants to settle in and another is ambitious, dear Scorpio, there’s also wonderful energy for getting a new perspective on people in your life and on personal projects. You’re in fine shape for turning dreams into reality regarding a communications project or creative goal. You’re discovering new channels for expressing yourself, and getting in the position to influence or inspire others. Meeting your responsibilities is satisfying today and this week. The Moon spends the day in your sector of joy, and expressing yourself in creative ways comes naturally. Especially as the day advances, you’re inclined to want to refresh and rejuvenate yourself through activities you genuinely enjoy. Early today, you may be holding things close to the vest, and perhaps concealing information so that others don’t jump in and spoil your plans. However, as the day advances, you’re far more open. You are also making a good impression.


Even with the Moon in your quiet solar fourth house all day, dear Sagittarius, the morning can find you quite busy, involved, and focused. It’s a fine time for dealing with practical affairs with extra confidence, dedication, and enthusiasm. This is a powerful week for learning about what makes you feel stronger. Getting rid of clutter or excess can be part of this, and even attitudes that have been holding you back from going after what you want are easily identified. Finding new ways of using what you already have can figure strongly now. Clearing your life of those things that you no longer need can be mind-clearing as well. With the Sun in your solar twelfth house, you’re in processing mode in a general sense. You need more time to yourself or personal moments for reflection. As today advances, you may very well find this rewarding.


It can take a bit of time to get into a pleasant groove today, dear Capricorn. However, once you arrive, you’re in a powerful frame of mind for dedicating yourself to a particular project or endeavor that excites you. Efforts related to creativity can benefit most. You’re also in an excellent position to persuade and influence others now. There can be valuable opportunities now and this week to make long-lasting connections or to improve a relationship. The Moon spends the day in your busy communications sector. Even though Mercury is retrograde, you’re getting your message across well right now, and connections with friends or your personal connection to your dreams and wishes inspire you. A cooperative feel to the second half of the day may very well lift your spirits and heighten your desire to socialize.


While the day can start on an awkward note, dear Aquarius, once you get into the swing of things, you’ll find it easy to pick up inspiration and enthusiasm. You might become deeply involved in making plans and strategies for improving your life and relationships. You stand to gain new insight into your inner workings or motivations, and better self-understanding helps you all around. You are realigning yourself and discovering what it is you truly want. A step-by-step approach makes the most sense right now, and it feels good to attend to your future self with more care. You can be stirred and motivated to handle a problem, and you’re strict about cutting out the fluff or frivolous so that you can come out ahead. The Moon spends the day in your resources sector, and especially as the day advances, you’re in a good place for bringing your intuition to a money or practical matter. Your heart is in making things work.


It may not be easy to reconcile your need for downtime with your compulsion to connect in the first half of the day, dear Pisces, but your focus increases as the day progresses. You may be quite passionate about a cause, project, or relationship, and you’re finding it natural to try to heal, repair, and improve a connection. You’re bonding now, but you’re also quite strict about doing what’s right for you in the long run. You might enjoy a brand new perspective on a relationship, or you discover that someone is more responsible to you. Priorities seem to reveal themselves today as you cut out the extras. The Moon spends the day in your sign and harmonizes with the Sun tonight. This influence supports your ability to express your energies in a flowing manner. People tend to cooperate with you. A surge of enthusiasm brightens your day as it advances.