Today’s Horoscope: Wednesday, 24 July 2019


You could find yourself in a favorable position to satisfy your needs for conversation, learning experiences, and personal contact, dear Aries. This is due to Mercury’s alignment with Venus today. Since Mercury is still retrograde, you may want to keep things informal and avoid jumping to conclusions, as some facts can be missing or confusing to see. Do enjoy a new and fresh take on an old matter that’s likely to boost your spirits. Conversations with or about family can be revealing and rewarding. Looking at past methods can be beneficial now. You may be directing a lot of attention to unresolved relationship matters. It’s a time for being fair and nonjudgmental as well as for seeing an issue that perplexed or bothered you in a more favorable light. There can be plenty of nostalgia now, and perhaps a past opportunity related to family and home that re-emerges.


Sound energy is with you for making sense of a matter today, dear Taurus, as Mercury aligns with Venus. It can be about discovering some missing puzzle pieces to a situation. Even though the complete picture is yet to come, it can still be satisfying! Look for opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills set, as an opportunity that was missed or passed over in the past can re-emerge, and it may be worth a closer look. Thoughts and conversation tend to revolve around sorting out past problems, particularly old relationship challenges. You have charm and humor working for you in your communications today, even if the words are not always perfect. You’re easily distracted by social elements, and thoughts and conversations tend to wander. Even with this meandering, new light shines on a problem or issue that’s been at the back of your mind for some time.


Further information about a long-standing issue may emerge and alter your perspective, dear Gemini, particularly related to your finances or practical affairs. There could be a project or financial opportunity that you previously set aside but now looks promising. You are inclined to recognize and discuss your needs and desires more so than usual. You want to bring more harmony and comfort to your life, and you can find yourself in an excellent frame of mind for hashing things out. Backtracking in thought and conversation can figure strongly now–you may be going over matters from the past surrounding love relationships and money. Opportunities can emerge to increase your income through reaching out to others, accepting help or support, and willingness to look to the past for answers that used to work for you. You’re in an excellent position for personal appeal right now.


Today’s Mercury-Venus alignment in your sign can put you in an excellent position to strike up an agreement or get into a fabulous frame of mind, dear Cancer. You have more impact than usual, especially when it comes to what you communicate. As well, how you interact and your manner count for a lot. Energies feel rather easygoing. Nevertheless, you should be a little more mindful of what you say, as it may not come out as you intend with Mercury still retrograde. Even so, you’re creative and charming, which gets you out of a lot of problems! There can be more attention and focus on you than usual, and you might be the subject of conversation. New light may shine on a matter regarding personal plans or health. Today can be a time for attracting people from your past.


Further information about a private or past topic may surface and give you a refreshing new perspective, dear Leo. Indeed, you may not know the whole story just yet, but it feels good to fill in a few blanks. There is good energy for making sense of the past, feelings, and ideas today. You see things in an all-new way that helps you understand them more. You are more inclined than usual to talk about private matters or to think about these things objectively. You may want to watch that you don’t reawaken a topic that truly does belong in the past, but the vibes today are mostly positive. For some, there can be the re-emergence of a person from your history that sparks all sorts of memories.


New information about old matters can come to light now, dear Virgo, particularly about long-term projects or friends, or through networking. A project or idea that you had abandoned or set aside can seem viable again. While this may be true, do watch for a tendency to glamorize the past. For some of you, someone from the past can reappear. This is a particularly good day for personal appeal and attraction. There can be new spins on ideas and concepts that speak to you and fill you with enthusiasm. Today’s Mercury-Venus conjunction encourages you to see a frustrating problem in a brand new light. Conversations can be quite lighthearted, but watch for a tendency to pay superficial attention to a matter that may deserve a more in-depth approach.


This can be a time for enjoying pleasant thoughts or conversations, dear Libra. You are likely to receive more than the usual amount of attention today, particularly on a professional or public level. Your words have a lot of impact but keep in mind that the tendency to be misunderstood remains strong with Mercury retrograde. As long as you choose your words carefully, this can be an excellent time to bring peace and harmony to a matter. There may be an opportunity revolving around work or business that re-emerges for a fresh look. Information can surface that prompts you to redefine long-term goals. Complications in your love life are possible, but you may be able to resolve something that has been left hanging for some time, and you’re better off for it.


Good energy is with you for smoothing over differences today, dear Scorpio. You are presenting yourself and your ideas with charm or gentleness, and it works well for you as Mercury and Venus come together in harmony with your sign. You seem to know how to turn virtually any situation around in a pleasant way. You can be quite eager to share an idea, ideal, or personal belief. There can be discussions about cooperation in relationships, and also about long-term plans, travel, education, beliefs, expansion, and love of knowledge. Looking at past subjects, relationships, or viewpoints in new ways can be stimulating. It’s an interesting day for reaching out, teaching, publishing, promotion, and studies. You may be making essential clarifications, and possibly coming to new conclusions about past matters that help you to find resolutions or closure, and you can move forward happier and freer.


Your powers of negotiation are good with Mercury and Venus in alignment today, dear Sagittarius. However, with Mercury still retrograde, do consider that misunderstandings or inconclusive situations are likely. You’re inclined to do a lot of analyzing, thinking, and talking about a personal or intimate matter, and if jealousies emerge, use the experience as a lesson in self-awareness. There is a strong tendency to consider the consequences of recent choices or missed opportunities, and this gives you a new perspective on how to go about things in the future. There can be attractive business projects or plans re-emerging from the past today. For some of you, exes can be in focus, as new information comes out about old relationships. Generally speaking, this is a good day for connecting in love, but even better for analyzing and making sense of relationships and relationship needs.


This is a time for making sense of feelings and ideas, dear Capricorn, and to reach agreements or at least get to a place of understanding. Resolutions can be found for long-standing problems in relationships, and negotiations figure strongly. Even so, there is likely to be more to the story. Mercury and Venus come together in your opposing sign and partnership sector, and you may be looking for resolution or closure regarding a past matter. Others are persuasive, conversations are especially impressive, and people are attracted to your agreeable manner. Creative and romantic pursuits, leisure time, or a hobby can be in focus. You may see a new side of a person or situation, and someone could see you in a new, more positive light.


You’re turning your attention to work and health habits, dear Aquarius, and you may come to a new discovery about an old or long-standing matter. The pleasing elements of your daily routine or work can be in focus. Drawing upon your people skills can help you, even if social factors could hurt productivity levels a tad. It may not be the best day for getting substantial work done. However, it’s useful for generating ideas and attending to the social and aesthetic side of your daily life. Today is also suitable for making sense of your feelings, and perhaps even of an old problem as you see things in a new light. You can resolve many issues through brainstorming and analysis. Someone from your past can be on your brain or perhaps re-appearing in your life now.


Today is useful for figuring things out and coming to a mutually beneficial agreement, dear Pisces. While it may not stick forever, it’s probably just what you need at the moment. You might also get to solve a mystery about a relationship that previously bothered you. Talks and thoughts tend to revolve around past romance, projects, and events, or an overdue conversation happens now as retrograde Mercury aligns with Venus. There can be nostalgia about recent good times, exciting feelings, and other happy milestones. The desire for harmony is strong, particularly as it relates to getting to a comfortable understanding of a matter that was previously perplexing. You want to put something behind you or pull yourself out of a rut, and this applies in particular to romantic, recreational, and creative levels. You might inspire someone with your ideas and perspective.