TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Today and tomorrow, you can gain valuable insight into career, life path, and business matters, dear Aries, and make good progress with furthering your goals. You’re seeking more familiarity and comfort today, but you also want to feel that you’re moving forward in fundamental ways. Your emotional state is strengthened by feeling secure and independent, making even small efforts towards these ends especially satisfying. Keep your mind peaceful now, and you can learn and gain insights into recent events or problems. Your houses of substance are connecting well, pointing to an intuitive understanding of how to use your resources or talents to your benefit. You can feel an unusually strong need to put things in their proper places. Also today, Saturn turns direct after months of retrograde motion, and career and reputation matters are picking up steam, even if it’s a slow and steady pace! Hard work may not seem to pay off just yet, but you’re sure to enjoy some substantial progress going forward. Slow and steady wins the race this month. This influence is useful for clarifying your business, career, and life path goals or projects. There may be a reality check, but from it, you can determine what’s genuinely doable.


The Moon is in your sign all day, dear Taurus. It’s forming several supportive aspects, suggesting you can make what you want out of the day. Finding channels for expressing yourself comes more naturally than usual. Your appeal is strong. It’s a good time for taking a break to refresh and rejuvenate yourself, either by doing the things you most enjoy or sidestepping the things that leave you drained. Your talents are in the spotlight, and people may seek you out for your healing, soothing vibes today. Publishing, travel, legal matters, or education might need some extra attention to rules and structure now. You’re no longer satisfied with waiting things out, and you’re more willing to do the groundwork to move things forward as Saturn turns direct in your solar ninth house. Work on bringing expectations down to earth, but don’t let a small reality check discourage you. Reminders that you should be paying attention to the realities of a situation can figure strongly now. Self-improvement endeavors can be in focus and successful as you go forward.


Today and tomorrow can be excellent for sharing with someone you trust, dear Gemini. Or, you may take steps to improve your life by putting a weighty problem behind you. Good energy is with you for unwinding and detaching yourself emotionally from demanding situations. It’s a strong time for recuperation and regeneration. You may be in need of more privacy or a break, and a dreamy frame of mind can serve as a nice detour from the usual routine. Creatively speaking, your focus on memories and the past can be fertile. Your intimate life becomes clearer with Saturn turning direct today. You gain a stronger sense of who you want, and what you want from your relationships. You may see some forward progress with taxes, debts, or financial support this week. There could be the need to buckle down that prompts you to be more attentive about–or responsible for–a matter.

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With Saturn’s direct turn today, more clarity comes to a relationship or where you stand with others, and this empowers you, dear Cancer. Realistic expectations of projects and people lead to happier moods all around! Keeping yourself stimulated, and opening the lines of communication with others may be integral. Mind you, there can be a reality to face or a sense of obligation that spurs you into motion now or this week. Today and tomorrow are strong for boosting connections. There may be love or friendship opportunities arising through the pursuit of your daily routines, health, or work goals. You’re in good shape for cooperation and gaining support. Whether others are accommodating and agreeable or obstacles clear up for going forward on a project, this is a time of forward movement. There is a natural flow to networking, teamwork, sharing ideas, and learning. Emotionally speaking, you are detached just enough to let go of some of your inhibitions, and your interactions are likely to be pleasant.


You are especially persuasive today and tomorrow, dear Leo, and there can be a strong desire to throw yourself into satisfying activities and meaningful projects. Your reputation is enhanced, particularly as you are clear in your value, both to the world and to individuals. You’re finding the energy to further a project or special goal. With an emphasis on the earthy areas of your solar chart, you may be primarily connected to the physical or practical world right now. Your business, work, and money instincts are in excellent shape, and you’re particularly resourceful. With Saturn’s direct turn today, you’re getting back on track with a diet or fitness plan and with work projects. These things may have stalled in perhaps frustrating ways in the past while. After a reality check of sorts, you’re inclined to adopt a more straightforward approach to meeting and facing these responsibilities. More clarity comes to a work project, your job itself, or your health and wellness. Learning where you stand on a matter can be a relief and can also improve planning and decision-making.


The Moon spends the day in your spirit sector, dear Virgo, harmonizing with Mars in your sign and Pluto in your house of creativity and joy. You’re attracted to new and improved experiences, and gently pushing your usual boundaries can be satisfying today and tomorrow. Asserting yourself, expressing your individuality, and going after what you want with more confidence figure strongly now. Current relationships are a little spicier, or you’re seeking projects and interests that are meaningful and absorbing. Your instincts to venture out and about or to explore new ideas are overpowering. Your enthusiasm may rest very much on a thought or feeling that inspires you. Even so, Saturn turning direct today may cast a somewhat serious tone to the week. It’s ultimately useful for clarifying your romantic relationships or feelings about specific projects and ventures. It’s a time for seeing what’s genuinely possible or doable. Don’t be surprised if you experience strong instincts to narrow in on particular goals and projects now. It’s a time for cutting out the fluff! You could feel inspired to make lifestyle changes or to start fresh with a project or relationship.

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You’re in particularly good shape for opportunities surrounding money, work, family, real estate, loans, and intimate relationships, dear Libra. Today, you’re noticing things you might miss at other times. You’re very much cued in! Connections can be motivating and rousing. Observing and learning rather than jumping into action tends to be favored now, but it is also a good time for taking action on private matters. You’re in good shape for activities that help you heal and repair. Connecting with your deepest needs and feelings is satisfying and useful now. Your desires seem more complicated than usual these days, but getting in touch helps move the process of self-understanding along. Getting your emotional bearings can figure strongly now. With Saturn turning direct today, organizing your personal life is in fabulous favor going forward. Facing your responsibilities realistically puts you in a strong position to manage them. Take things gradually and enjoy the process of bringing more order and security to your personal space and inner world. There may be a reality to face or an obligation to fulfill now or this week, but it pushes things forward.


You could be feeling more confident about pursuing a relationship, dear Scorpio, or making amends with those close to you can be in focus. This is a time for making more room for others in your life, and for considering others’ input more attentively. Today can be fulfilling for communicating and connecting. With the Moon transiting your opposite sign all day, you’re in a better place than usual to see both sides of a situation. Gaining a perspective can be in focus. With Saturn turning direct today, there may be a reality check or a strong reminder of your need to organize or take care of your daily affairs. More structure to your communications, studies, and connections to others can benefit you greatly. Procrastination is costly, and as you meet your goals and responsibilities more promptly, you feel more energetic and confident. You’re also in a high position to evaluate which of your interests, studies, and projects are genuinely worth your efforts.


Today and tomorrow are useful for seeing–and dealing with–the details, dear Sagittarius. In fact, you may enjoy the whole process of getting organized or on top of the little things. It’s an excellent time for gluing the pieces together and feeling the satisfaction for having done so. Connecting with the physical world and enjoying practical activities can be satisfying at the moment. You may be seeking a stronger sense of purpose through your work or projects. With Saturn’s yearly direct turn occurring today, money matters require more structure and discipline, but they also improve steadily going forward. Focus on firming up your budget, evaluating business projects, and paring down excesses. These things make you feel more secure, and paying extra attention to your practical affairs can improve your life in meaningful ways. Saturn asks you to be responsible and mature about the areas of life it’s transiting, which is in your case related to your finances, resources, and talents until 2020. The rewards for doing so can be significant, although they can be far from instant!

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Today and tomorrow are especially strong for personal attraction, dear Capricorn. People appreciate you for your unique qualities. Love feels warm, friendly, and even healing. Expressing your affections comes readily to you now, and you’re likely to seek out ways to share your happiness or creations with people you care about. Your sectors of spirit and life are connecting well, boosting your enthusiasm and passion for your beliefs and ideas. Saturn’s direct turn today is strong for fueling your confidence to face reality and make better decisions. This is because Saturn is not only currently transiting your sign, it’s your planetary ruler. While you’ve meant to bring more structure to your life, now you’re in excellent shape for genuinely getting organized. This can be a time when specific health pursuits resume or begin. Your determination to move things forward increases now. Responsibilities and problems can undoubtedly magnify in your mind, but this is an empowering shift.


You’re in great shape for discovering ways to heal, recuperate, de-stress, and unwind, dear Aquarius. You may feel a sense of inner peace and balance now, and dealing with complex emotional matters can be more natural or comfortable than usual. Your understanding helps you connect with others more readily. Today and tomorrow are useful for rectifying problems or misunderstandings. It’s also a time for paying more attention to emotional needs and support systems. Private and intimate matters are in particularly good shape. With Saturn’s direct turn today, there can be a small reality to face, but it leads to a feeling of strength. This is a time for confronting elements of your past that are resurfacing as truths, and knowing your position can lead to making better plans. Going forward, you’ll feel more equipped to put negative habits and attitudes behind you. Gradually, you’re bound to feel stronger and more capable, especially if you’ve been procrastinating on a matter.


Today and tomorrow are strong for persuasiveness and mutually beneficial relationships, dear Pisces. You can be rewardingly busy or connected today. A potentially healing conversation can occur with a partner or special friend. It can also be a day for staying on the move or mixing up the routine to keep you mentally stimulated. If you’ve held yourself to special projects and ideas recently, then this is your opportunity to diversify and put your feelers out into the world. With Saturn turning direct today, however, truths coming to light this week help you get a real grip on the reality of friendships or projects, a long-term plan, aspiration, or goal. You can make better arrangements with a sense of what is viable and what isn’t. You’re able to put procrastinating ways behind you in some regions of your life, and it feels good to do so. You’re in better shape for organizing, moving forward, and meeting responsibilities going forward.

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