TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Wednesday, 11 September 2019


This is a strong time for communicating your feelings and for sharing ideas and beliefs, dear Aries, although excess energy may be difficult to channel later in the day. You’re in good shape for rallying up support and activity on the home front or at work. You’ll be at your best if you take steps to move a project or health goal forward today. As the day progresses, succumbing to restlessness or impatience can interfere with the fun potential of the day. You may feel overextended, or the desire to push a project forward can lead to costly mistakes. Tune out distractions so that you can focus on one thing at a time. You may want to watch for a tendency to push and prod. There could be a bit of a race going on today when it comes to taking care of your daily duties and responsibilities or dealing with errands and tasks. Wanting to get your work done and seeking non-routine experiences are both genuine and insistent needs, but overdoing both can only lead to exhaustion.


There are some very productive energies today, dear Taurus, but also some tendency to go overboard with them! There can be friendly connections made through the written word today. It’s also a fine time to clear the air or to discuss an emotional conflict or problem with someone you trust. However, as the day advances, watch for impulsive decisions and an overly competitive disposition. Romance, entertainment, and creative activities may have recently been big areas of drain on a financial level. Today, you may very well realize that you need to rein things in. Romantic energy is intense today, although it can also be excessive. Your desire to feel, play, and enjoy life to the hilt is strong these days, but watch for the tendency to overestimate what you can handle in a relationship. Remind yourself that more is not always necessary or better! Watch also for over-the-top promises or expectations, particularly of yourself.


This is a good time for family affairs and taking steps to improve your home life or feelings of security, dear Gemini. It’s easier than usual to gain the cooperation of others to help achieve your goals. While this can be a productive day in terms of activity, you have some tendency to push something too hard or go to excess. Be careful not to instigate conflicts, also, especially if you feel cooped up and restless. Take advantage of the extra energy you have now by pouring it into something constructive or physical without overdoing it. Take a detour from your usual routine to keep emotional excitement levels high. Watch also for stubbornness when it comes to opinions since debates can get overly personal today. It would be nice if rewards were instant, but if you shoot too high, there can be unnecessary frustration. Shared activities can be particularly appropriate now.


You’re in a goal-oriented frame of mind, dear Cancer, although you would do well to take some time for chatting and connecting as well–the break can boost your spirits and fuel your motivation even further. This is a good time for taking action on an important project, particularly a communications or learning effort. You seem up for a challenge! As the day advances, you might realize that you have too much on your plate or there are scheduling problems to work around. It can be challenging to determine how much you can do or take on since your desire and reality are mismatched just for now. You can become quite worked up about a method or idea, with mental energy running particularly high. Debates can quickly escalate. Your mind can race, and there can be many exciting ideas, but distractions, restlessness, or duties can keep you from fleshing them out or making them work. Do your best not to rush things.


Good energy is with you for getting help with money matters or taking care of personal possessions and valuables, dear Leo. You see your priorities and goals clearly and can be quite motivated to get everything back on track and in order. Even so, as the day advances, the temptation to borrow from your future is high as Mars and Jupiter head toward a square aspect. You could find you’re overestimating something with Mars in your finances and values sector in difficult aspect with Jupiter in your risk-taking, playful solar fifth house. Borrowing from your future is not only about money, although it certainly covers it, but it can also include jumping into new situations without considering consequences and making promises or commitments that “future you” may not be able, or want, to keep. If the stakes are high, wait for a day when your judgment and patience are in better form. You might also feel the need to defend your values today. There is a tendency to burn out quickly if you run ahead now, so consciously slow yourself down.


You’re in good shape for working in a team or taking the lead in a group setting to accomplish something important to you, dear Virgo. While you’re generally setting your own pace these days, you recognize the value of the team as well. You’re also quite willing to share yourself, including your expertise, with others. This can also be an excellent time to reach out to make a new connection or friend. As the day advances, you may be riding high on enthusiasm, but it’s vital to avoid expecting instant results for your efforts. Skipping steps can lead to future problems, so try to slow yourself down while maintaining the optimism you’re enjoying. The desire to push personal plans can conflict with family pursuits or interests now. Try not to focus too hard on your ideal scenario because it takes energy away from productivity in the present. Find ways to release tension and to take action that have low stakes or that involve putting problems behind you.


This can be an excellent time to make connections that further your ambitions or longer-term goals, dear Libra. As the day advances, however, restlessness and overshooting may need some taming. It can be challenging to know where to channel your energy. Strong pulls towards private or alone time are with you now. Even so, daily business, contacts, and projects are a high draw, making it difficult to know where to begin. Whether or not the pace around you is hectic, you can feel a little rushed or pressured! This is an excellent day for keeping active, enjoying a new activity, or participating in something that you haven’t done in a while. However, don’t go so hard that you overextend yourself. Generally speaking, this is a critical time for taking it easy, healing, and rest, so do know your limits today.


This can be a solid day for making social connections, dear Scorpio. It’s a great time for strengthening your alliances and lending a hand to those who need it as well. As the day advances, a Mars-Jupiter square comes into play, and it can be a loaded, animated time with friends or a busy time for being in demand. You may like the attention, but you could also feel a little overwhelmed or restless. Or, impulsiveness and impatience can trip you up now. Capture the enthusiasm of the day and enjoy it, but take the edge off. The pressure to push something forward can lead to mistakes, or you could end up feeling that you’re in over your head or you’ve taken on too much. This can leave you feeling swamped rather than inspired. You might also be spending or indulging too much as you have less concern for your “future self” and care more about the moment. Moderation is the key now, although it can be challenging to put into practice.


Flowing energy is with you early today for creative communicating, dear Sagittarius, particularly with people you love. You seem to gravitate toward situations or people that help you grow and improve. As the day advances, Mars and Jupiter head toward a square, and there can be some impulsive moves. What you do today has more impact than usual, but your “delivery” may need some attention, or else you come across as pushy or over the top. You probably don’t mean it, so be sure that others know where you’re coming from. Underlying tension and discomfort with the status quo can lead to rash decision-making. Wind yourself down if you feel that you’re getting worked up over trivial matters, but aim to tap into the positive energy of this combination. Before jumping into something too quickly, consider your options carefully. However, keep your enthusiasm!


A Mars-Node aspect today points to real benefits from reaching out to others and making contact, dear Capricorn. It’s a time for working together towards a common goal or discovering like-minded people. This is a good time for feeling motivated and confident, and relationships tend to be lively and encouraging. As the day advances, try to avoid overreaching and overcommitting–enthusiasm can lead you to think you can do more than is indeed possible. Optimism is beautiful, but misjudgment is possible, so be considerate to your “future self.” Certainly, routines are harder to bear than usual, and if you seek out more tasks to add to your life, you could end up quite overloaded. You may only need to vary your routine so that you keep levels of excitement high. As well today, watch for overstating your case or getting so worked up about a difference in opinion that you can’t wind yourself down.


This can be a good day for keeping busy and advancing personal and work projects, dear Aquarius. While your attention can be divided, you are in a productive frame of mind and see challenges as fun. A sense of orderliness inspires you. As the day advances, a Mars-Jupiter aspect ramps up enthusiasm. You are particularly invested in relationships of all kinds these days. However, with this aspect, you may swing between wanting to be close and involved to wanting to detach easily. There is a middle ground with all of this, and it would be in your best interests to find it. If you go to extremes, you might lose both options, but if you compromise, you may have a little less, but you’ll have both! Also, avoid situations that can get you into debt, not just with money but also through overcommitment, as the tendency today is to overreach. The Moon continues to prioritize your emotional needs and concerns as it moves through your sign.


The morning can be useful for fulfilling desires and connecting well with a love interest or partner, dear Pisces. As the day advances, a Mars-Jupiter square comes into play and may stimulate your enthusiasm. Even so, others in your life can be pushy, animated, and perhaps overactive in your eyes. Ego issues can emerge in your work, with those in authority, or with significant people in your life. This aspect seems to pit your passion for a relationship against your ambition. Avoid, if at all possible, promising action on something just for the time being, as you tend to overestimate your ability to follow through on it. Keep in mind that with so much emphasis on your partnership sector these days, working through relationship issues should be a priority. However, you can be a little impatient today, so keep that in mind before jumping into something you haven’t yet scoped out.


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