TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Tuesday, November 5, 2019


You may feel accountable today, more so than usual, for your work and responsibilities, dear Aries. Ambitions run high, but so do tensions, and it’s essential to try to let go just a little so that you can function better. It can be difficult to focus as you have many competing interests at the moment. You may have some difficulty getting your head and heart to agree today with the Moon in a challenging aspect to retrograde Mercury, but you can do some detoxing now. Helping you with this is the Moon’s move into your solar twelfth house later today, prompting a short hiatus of sorts over the next couple of days. This signals the need for extra time to yourself for rest and contemplation (or at least, some musing) in the next couple of days. As well, while this is not an ideal day for important decision-making, it’s a fine time for feeling some growing excitement about projects and learning.


The Moon is at the top of your solar chart much of the day, dear Taurus, and your mind is on your goals, responsibilities, and performance. However, you may be a little premature with decision making or speaking up about a matter right now, so draw upon patience. Try not to succumb to pressure to put something behind you before you’re ready to do so. You are more emotionally invested in your current status or reputation, and this can help or hinder you, depending on your emotional state! Do this in moderation, and you’re in great shape for making adjustments and refinements that improve your life. Still, this can also pull up the inner rebel, or you may feel as if there are pending decisions and pressing matters to take care of, which can add a bit of heaviness to the day if you don’t take the time to sort out your thoughts. Later today, you’re ready to relax a little, and you can benefit from loosening up your schedule.


With the Moon continuing its transit of your adventure sector much of the day, dear Gemini, you’re seeking inspiration. You seem to need some form of healthy escape from ordinary, dull, or routine elements of your life, but it can be challenging to do so fully! You may be missing some details and it would be wise to be more attentive to them than usual. You can’t help but feel a little heavier than usual, as there can be a problem to solve or a lot to think about along these lines. You may not be able to give yourself wholeheartedly to an activity without feeling there’s something that needs doing. Try to divide your time and satisfy both your urge to explore and attend to practical matters today. Later today, the Moon moves to the top of your solar chart, and you’re more conscious of rules, restrictions, and the constraints of time. Feeling that others are noticing what you are (and aren’t) doing can motivate you to pick up areas of life where you’ve been a tad slack. Taking care of responsibilities over the next couple of days can help free your mind.


You may prefer to do more observing than doing for much of the day, dear Cancer, with the Moon’s transit of your intimacy sector. This can serve you quite well, particularly if you have some research to do or your endeavors and interests can benefit from some more in-depth insight or strategy. Watch today for hasty decisions about a relationship if you’ve left something unresolved. They’re unlikely to be necessary, and may very well be regrettable later on. You may be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Or, conversations about money or ownership can be tense or loaded. You tend to live inside yourself today, and while your observation skills are above par, there is a slight tendency to read too much into situations in which you are personally involved. As well, you could be getting different messages from your heart and your mind. Consider your usual limits and ask yourself whether you need to push them. Later today, you’ll prefer to clear your head, and when the Moon enters Pisces, looking forward suits you well and lifts your spirits.


You are especially relationship-focused today, dear Leo, and a lot rides on whether you’re in the right place with someone close to you. There can be some feelings of deflation if you do not see eye to eye with someone on a matter that is close to your heart. Keep in mind that others’ feedback can benefit you in spots, whether you agree with it or not, since it can jumpstart your own thinking one way or another. Or, a different perspective helps you understand yourself and your life a little better. Sometimes, a bit of conflict is necessary before you get to a state of peace, and this may be the case today. Later today, when the Moon enters Pisces, corresponding to your solar intimacy sector, you’re likely to crave more intimacy or a deeper connection with your projects.


You’re paying more attention than usual to your work and routines today, dear Virgo. Pressures to make quick decisions are probably unfounded, and if you haven’t done the research, it may be best to wait it out. Still, you’re unlikely to feel entirely peaceful if you don’t accomplish something worthwhile and constructive. Personal interests can compete with this, however, and ideally, you can divide your time between them, since doing one and not the other could lead to a strong feeling of guilt or fear of missing out. Consider that with the Moon square retrograde Mercury this morning, it’s best not to get too worked up about differences of opinion or missed directions. While you may be relying on and keeping things to yourself much of the day, later today, when the Moon enters Pisces and the partnership sector of your solar chart, you tend to seek out some company, and it feels good to share the load.


You’re gravitating toward leisure activities today with the Moon transiting your solar fifth house for much of the day, dear Libra. Practical priorities come into focus later on when the Moon enters Pisces and the work and health sector of your solar chart. Even before that time, it can be hard to shake off more serious or pensive thoughts today with somewhat heavier influences occurring now, reminding you of your responsibilities. While part of you wants to keep things light, another part can’t seem to ignore–or escape– problems. With divided feelings today, it’s better to ride things out rather than push projects or decisions. Look for ways to bring more order to your life once the Moon moves into your work and habits sector later today, as this can help you clear your head.


You have a stronger sense of family, or the appeal of safety and comfort is stronger than usual, dear Scorpio, with the Moon in your solar fourth house much of the day. You’re drawn to simple, familiar activities. Even so, there can be some pressure to make quick decisions or to speak up about a matter too soon. This morning, retrograde Mercury in your sign clashes with the Moon in your home and family sector, and it may be best to watch what you say, as you can unwittingly misrepresent yourself or communicated something that others take too personally. People in your life may seem very touchy or emotional now. Try not to let diverging needs put a damper on your day. If you’ve been wound up about something, now may be the time when it comes to a head and needs release. The Moon moves into Pisces and your creative and romantic sector later today, encouraging you to express yourself in playful, innovative ways.


With the Moon continuing in your communication sector for much of the day, dear Sagittarius, keeping busy and mentally stimulated tends to satisfy most. Variety, small changes, and movement are appealing. Still, watch for taking on too much or for information overload, which can play with your nerves and lead to poor decisions. Even if you fight it, you can have much on your mind, whether in the form of pending decisions or food for thought. You may be dwelling on an unresolved matter from the past. You’re considering a variety of ideas and approaches, and it’s not an ideal time for important decision-making. You can have a frustrated response to what you feel is unfinished business, but you might consider waiting things out before deciding how to deal with it. Later today, the Moon heads into your solar fourth house, and you crave more time to relax and restore your energy.


You can be mainly focused on the world of the five senses, your needs and wants, and your immediate environment again today, dear Capricorn, with the Moon in your solar second house for much of the day. There is some inclination to overindulgence, but you may very well need such attention to your needs right now. This transit encourages you to enjoy or build upon what you already have rather than pushing new ideas or projects. While you prefer to stick with familiar, comfortable activities, people, and situations today, another part of you demands some more serious or profound thought. Responsibilities can loom, or they sit at the back of your mind no matter what you do. Watch for speaking too soon or too offhand about a topic. Later today, your curiosity increases, and you seek more mental stimulation.


The Moon is in your sign much of the day, dear Aquarius, and your emotional needs are in strong focus. Although these needs seem urgent, it’s better to spend some time with them and get to know yourself better in the process! You might feel some pressure to make a decision this morning, but this, too, requires some patience, as you don’t yet have all the information you need. While you feel slightly more emotionally vulnerable than usual, you’re also resilient. It can be difficult to fully let go as you have many reminders of your responsibilities, or perhaps a sense that others are waiting for you to get something done, that can feel a bit heavy now. Decisions about career matters can be pending, and it’s another reason to feel a little weighed down. To make the most of the energies of today, it’s better to specialize, focus, and handle one thing at a time rather than scatter your energies. Your emotions settle, and life tends to calm down later today when the Moon moves on and into your solar second house. The pace is slower, and this may be just what you need.


You may be taking a time-out from demanding situations today, dear Pisces, with the Moon continuing its transit of your solar twelfth house for much of the day. There can be special attention to the past and what you may have left unfinished or unresolved. While it can be challenging to get the repose you need at times today, it’s something you need as the Moon enters your sign later today. Tuning out distractions may be challenging but worth the effort. When you emerge from your quiet interlude, you’ll be in a better position to understand your needs. Thoughts and interactions can be a little heavier than usual. As the Moon enters Pisces later today, you can feel a strong desire to begin anew on an emotional level. You might also be eyeing new beginnings and projects or plans. Try not to push too hard today, however, and avoid hasty decisions.