TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Tuesday, 3 September 2019


While energies with you today are a little impatient or hurried, dear Aries, it’s a courageous, bold, and exciting time for getting going on projects related to health, wellness, or work. Only thinking about something will not do for you right now — you want to get things moving along! The pace picks up surrounding work or daily routines, and there can be some tension as you become fed up with a situation that has been dragging. The urge to sort out problems, iron out flaws, and eliminate waste or excess is strong, so use this extra energy boost to clear up the clutter in your daily life. Watch for sharp or rude words or communications that can be construed as offensive. You can be filled with a sudden desire to get busy and to make a real difference. Mental energy is intense, and if it turns into nervous energy, it may lead to mistakes or regrettable actions and words. The energy you invest in your work or important projects right now tends to generate even more enthusiasm and passion for what you’re doing. Conversations or incoming news can lead the way to new beginnings. Details are essential now and will serve you well.


You’re inclined to make quick and sharp decisions, particularly concerning love relationships, entertainment, pleasure, dating, creativity, and children, dear Taurus. Mental excitement can be useful but do watch if it crosses the line into irritation or aggravation. Your mind may race, and competitive feelings push you now. You may be tense or driven, and you may get an extra push to get a project going. You can experience a strong urge to express yourself in a creative, unique manner. You may learn new details about creative projects, a relationship, or finances that help you solve problems and make decisions. Your communications are entertaining and fun, and you are taking more pride in your ideas or creations. A romantic revelation can figure strongly, and observations made now and conversations taking place at this time are likely to be significant.


You can quickly get all fired up by an idea or line of thought today, dear Gemini. It’s a good idea to do something productive about it. Family, home, or inner life is animated, vivid, and exciting. Your brain can feel overloaded or your mind races now! While there can be a strong internal focus, you can be particularly productive if you have a project you’re excited about now. There can be vivid memories and important discoveries. While you can be very close to a subject, you’re in particularly good shape for making clear decisions or for gaining new information and clarity about a matter. Home and family are the larger topics currently. This is a fine time to clear the air if needed and for meaningful conversations about or with family. Things may be coming together regarding living arrangements or conditions. This is also a time for sharing memories, making long-term plans, solving problems, and working through details.


This is a high energy day on a mental level, dear Cancer, and there may be a “last straw” situation that motivates you to take action. Do watch for talking ahead of yourself and possibly misrepresenting yourself in the process. You’re passionate about what you do today, and probably very excited about sharing ideas or stating your case. Learning is quick and easy, and new ideas can be all-consuming and exciting. News that you were waiting for may arrive. It’s important to watch for hasty decisions or communications now–you may be jumping ahead of yourself and not considering your feelings in the process. Debates can be fun and motivating, and ideas are exciting, but taking things too personally can lead to problems. Consider that you may be too impatient to employ strategy, preferring to dive right in. Pay particular attention to details, news, and ideas emerging as they can be significant.


This can be a time for exciting ideas about business, money, practical matters, learning, and studies, dear Leo. It’s a time for solving problems, perhaps a little impatiently, but sometimes we need to get a bit worked up to get things done! Energies today can fuel enthusiasm, and they can also lead to impatience and skipping steps. Channel all this mental energy into an important project if possible. Your mind is sharp, and you can be very productive if you can focus. Decisions made now tend to be quick, and hopefully not too hasty. It’s a powerful time for the courage to try something new or approach an old problem in a new and unique way. A financial, ownership, or respect matter can become clear. You may be turning recent ideas or possibilities into solid plans as you flesh them out with details and specifics.


With the Sun, Mercury, and Mars joining in your sign, dear Virgo, you’re enthusiastic, ready for action, and quick to communicate. You’re also coming across loud and clear! Do watch for impatient or hasty words. This influence gives you a powerful voice and the courage to say your piece. However, watch for talking ahead of yourself. You are filled with energy and vision today, and it may be best not to waste it on arguing a point. Be careful that you don’t push something to a breaking point, or push yourself too hard. Aim to apply your tremendous mental energy to something productive and useful. You’re moving a little bit outside of your comfort zone these days, and this is an important process. You’re also looking for ways to update or upgrade your life. There can be an idea or project that excites and motivates you now. You may be privy to details that were missed or hidden in the past, which clarifies matters enough for you to make confident decisions. There can be pivotal realizations, epiphanies, and clarifications occurring now, but do keep in mind that the tendency is to rush things. It’s a time of mental renewal and increased decisiveness. You may also find that people are talking about you today!


This is a time of intense focus on your inner world, the past, finishing important projects, clearing out the deadwood in your life, and doing some soul searching, dear Libra. There can be a strong urge or need to talk about, analyze, and handle matters related to the past as the Sun, Mercury, and Mars align in your solar twelfth house. It’s an excellent time to actively and confidently seek out activities for healing and renewal. You might see something you missed, or a conversation can bring up new information that allows you to come to a more definite conclusion. Your thoughts could race at times, and your dreaming mind is active as well. Unless you’re channeling it into something creative and positive, avoid letting your imagination run away from you. Coming to the point of frustration can push you to handle a matter or express something that needs airing. There can be new and exciting developments in your private life or a breakthrough. You are dealing with ideas and concepts that you may have avoided in the past. You are better able to communicate or rationalize a matter that, before today, was difficult to express and understand. Watch, however, for your curiosity taking you too far.


You might enjoy the opportunity to put a great idea into motion or to settle a long-standing problem today, dear Scorpio. You’re motivated and inspired by new visions of your future, and you can be gathering exciting ideas through your connections to others. This is also a time to act on your wish list. Look for friendship and expansion opportunities. You might feel more confident about speaking your mind now. Friendships can be demanding, exciting, or simply more active and productive than usual. You may be engaging in intensive talks or debates now. On the other hand, there can be some impatience or frustration with an associate, group, or friend. For some, a rude awakening or frank discussion can catapult you in a new direction, or it might motivate you to make positive changes. Friends have something important to contribute or say right now. The full details of a plan may be born. The Moon is in your sign all day, pulling emotions right up to the surface.


The Sun, Mercury, and Mars align at the top of your solar chart, dear Sagittarius, and you may be attracting a lot of attention or giving a lot of attention to your goals and ambitions. You may very well have a competitive edge today. However, it’s important to avoid speaking too soon on a matter since people will remember what you say now more than usual. Your heart may not be in your words or proclamations today, which can point to some form of misrepresentation if you’re not careful. However, it’s a great time to pour yourself into a project that gets you somewhere. You may be tearing down obstacles in your path and solving problems now with high energy. A fresh approach or perspective is required in your work or regarding your goals. You may be wanting to push the limits, and this can work to some degree today, but knowing when to stop is vital for your own sake. There can be a clarification or a meaningful realization today that pushes an idea or project forward.


Excellent energy is with you for enjoying an exciting line of thought or a mental adventure of sorts, dear Capricorn. You might quickly defend a cause or express an opinion, and possibly get into a heated debate. News may be forthcoming, or an important piece of information arrives now. It’s an excellent time to pursue anything that involves healing the mind or paying particular attention to the mind-body connection. This is a day of increased motivation and determination to get things done. You’re exceptionally sharp and alert. While conversations can be exciting, an emotional or sensitive element may be missing, and this is something to consider. It’s also a time for moving a little out of your comfort zone when it comes to learning, thinking, and doing. Feeling a bit of competitiveness can lead to improvements and new thinking. Discussions can be refreshingly frank or unnecessarily cutting. Conversations, news, and thoughts occur now that help you clear up misconceptions, with definite plans now possible. You express yourself with more enthusiasm and faith, and this goes over very well with others.


High energy is with you today, dear Aquarius, with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars aligning in your solar eighth house. You can feel as if you’re on a mission to find out the truth of a matter, but as you do your seeking, watch where you step. You’re certainly mentally sharp now, and this is excellent for intellectual and business-related endeavors. You might also address a tricky issue with great courage or directness. Ideas work you up, or you become obsessed with resolving a problem. Tap into the motivation to do things that you’ve been letting slide. An important conversation may occur now, or more details of a financial matter can come to your attention, rounding out the picture. You have more than the usual mental courage, and on the topic of finances, intimacy, or research, there can be some valuable insights. Clearing the air can feel good, and arriving at a decision, even better! It’s important, however, to avoid pushing too far with a topic or losing the emotion behind an issue today.


You could find you’re attracting disagreement or conflict today, dear Pisces, but a confrontation may be just what a relationship needs right now. Try to channel the extra energy available to you, which is mainly mental, into truly productive activities. You can experience today’s influences through a partner or significant friend, as someone may be very intent on your involvement or trying to turn you on to an idea or plan. This is a crucial time for knowing which ideas and projects genuinely move you, as well as learning what you are truly capable of doing. Mental energy is strong and in the spotlight. You can be doing a lot of processing, sorting, and organizing your thoughts and ideas today, and interactions or conversations with someone can help jumpstart important thinking. There can be a lot of activity related to your social life or partnerships. While this can be quite positive overall, you may need to check in with your feelings before rushing ahead.