TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Again today, insecurities can get the best of you at times, dear Aries, or you could be feeling a little off in your interactions. Some of you could be feeling very vulnerable and possibly too open with Chiron in your sign opposite Venus. You might be wondering about how someone feels about you, or how deep a commitment is. Try not to allow vague worries and doubts hold you back, but it might be better to wait for a better day to make major choices. As well, consider that if soft spots are triggered easily, this gives you the chance to take a closer look and discover ways to repair them. This may involve another person and an important talk! However, do keep in mind that things can get messy before they improve. The Moon moves into your resources sector for a couple of days, and you’re ready to get down to business.


The Moon moves into your sign today, dear Taurus, adding more color to your emotional world. Some interactions can be a little delicate now, as you may not feel as fully appreciated as you’d like. You might be concerned that you are not getting what you need from others as your ruler, Venus, opposes Chiron. However, events of the day tend to bring you to a greater understanding of your commitment to self-care. If you’ve invested too much energy into something that’s just not giving back, then you’ll feel the need to make changes now. Work or health problems can reach a head, especially if you’ve let some things slide. Defer decisions to a later date, if possible, and especially if you are feeling confused or down. Watch for mistakes or impatience in speech and with instructions. Today is good for seeing where improvements can be made in work and business.


Again today, we tend to take things quite personally, dear Gemini. Discomfort on a social level might lead to over-indulgent tendencies–overdoing when we should be pulling back temporarily. You could become edgy if you feel caged in or if people are trying to pin you down to an answer or a commitment. Vague health complaints might also be part of your day. Take extra breaks or rest periods, if possible. Pay attention to feelings that emerge now. While they may disguise themselves as whims of the moment, they are more likely to be issues that you’ve buried or missed in the past. Nevertheless, recognize that you might also be in reaction mode, so keep things as real as possible. With the Moon’s move into your privacy sector today, you’d do well with relaxing and healing activities for a couple of days.

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Again today, you may be dealing with minor troubles connecting confidently with others, dear Cancer. As well, it can be challenging to see reputation and professional matters clearly now, and confusion over where you’re ultimately heading could affect personal relationships. Even so, relationship issues, particularly family ones, that reach a head today also get you over a critical hump, and the rest should be uphill. This is a turning point, in other words! Even so, major decision making is best left for another time, if possible. Look for answers within, and take your time with it. There is good energy with you today for novel ideas for new projects or approaches.


There can be some sensitivity to social interactions and communications again today, dear Leo. Be careful not to read too much into what others are doing. You owe it to yourself to look for the positive rather than worry about what you don’t know. As well, watch for making gestures or comments that don’t express what you feel. There is a tendency to live too much in the head and miss the subtle cues in the process. The Moon heading to the top of your chart may seem to encourage you to go big, but this is a time for a bit of patience. Even so, good energy is with you for seeing your practical affairs or goals in a new way today.


With matters of the heart or finances, dear Virgo, your vulnerable spots can be in the spotlight today. It can be difficult knowing whether you need comfort and familiarity or excitement. Decision-making today could be emotionally-driven or based on fear and insecurity, so you may want to wait for a better, clearer day to make crucial decisions. If someone’s not seeing matters of security or finances in the same way as you right now, try to be patient. You might also feel some tension regarding having enough resources to fund your pursuits. You may need to confront a financial or ownership matter to get over a hump. Take notes on what is triggering your frustrations or fears now, as this is what you will need to focus on building up to move forward.

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It can be challenging to go after what you want directly today, dear Libra. Relating healthily with a partner or peer is not straightforward, either. If you are worried about money matters, make a plan to make a plan! While it’s not the best time to draw up one, you can certainly commit to the need for a strategy. Consider reflecting rather than taking concrete action. With Venus, your ruler, opposite Chiron, you are unlikely seeing eye to eye with a significant person in your life. Alternatively, you might discover or focus on a need or fear that you hadn’t acknowledged in yourself. Still, you are learning more about yourself through your relationships, and you should take this opportunity to repair and grow.


A Venus-Chiron opposition today suggests you can be primarily concerned with where you stand with others, dear Scorpio. Of course, it’s normal to worry, but it becomes unhealthy if overdone. Wrestling with insecurities is possible, but it’s a good time for noticing the behaviors that are holding you back from pursuing your goals. In the process, watch for the tendency to be a little too hard on yourself. While you shouldn’t avoid your responsibilities, you should try not to take them so seriously that you lose yourself in them. If your thinking is swinging between imagining the best and the worst, try to nip this in the bud since it won’t do you any favors. The truth probably lies somewhere in between.


There are confusing energies possible again today, dear Sagittarius, and they may surround friends and acquaintances, work, and health. There is a lack of clarity about who or what to value today. As such, it’s best to control behavior that may give you a reason for regret at a later date, such as quick decisions in a relationship or impulsive spending. The Moon heads into your work and health sector for a couple of days, prompting the need to create some order in your daily affairs. This is not the most glamorous of Moon transits, but it’s a practical and useful one. Managing your things can free you up to enjoy yourself later.


Again today, dear Capricorn, watch for reading a situation from a place of insecurity. Resolve to learn as much as you can from your interactions rather than dwelling on problem areas. Watch and listen, but consider your fears in the process, and how they may interfere with healthy relating patterns. Events occurring now may very well open up old wounds. However, with wounds wide open, you may have an opportunity to find ways to heal. With Venus opposite Chiron today, disagreements are likely about values or styles of expressing love or affection. It’s vital to view differences as chances to learn about other perspectives rather than see them as threatening or concerning. The Moon moves into your joy sector for a couple of days, and it’s the time of the lunar month to explore fun ways of expressing yourself.

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With a couple of tricky aspects in play today, dear Aquarius, words and gestures can stir up all sorts of problems. Keep in mind that we can be defensive today, and before it spirals out of control, consider whether or not it’s better to look for the deeper meaning in a situation. There is very likely to be another side to the story. You could feel as if you are at a turning point in a relationship, and today’s events could call up old hurt or old problems. Learn from what opens up today, even if it’s not entirely comfortable to face problem areas. Keeping something buried will only prolong issues. With Venus opposite Chiron today, whatever emerges brings on a turning point. The Moon heads into your home and family sector for a few days, encouraging you to take a break and refresh yourself.


There can be a need to deal with a tricky matter today, dear Pisces. However, it can feel good to clear the air or put something behind you. You may even feel that a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Facing or taking responsibility for something can be rewarding. There can be issues that stir up feelings of anxiety or possibly even guilt, but do your best not to let these drive your behavior. The Venus-Chiron opposition helps us by bringing problem areas out in the open. It’s the only way to start repairing and healing. Consider that we don’t see the true value of people, situations, and material things properly today, whether it’s about exaggerating their importance or forgetting what’s truly important. It’s best to wait out the major decisions.

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