TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Tuesday, 13 August 2019


The Sun is shining its light on hints of the future regarding romance, creative affairs, and personal enjoyment, dear Aries. You are motivated to make improvements, as well as share yourself with others more spontaneously and heartfully. Find ways to make more time to do what pleases you most. This is an excellent time to apply yourself to artistic pursuits or hobbies, or you might thoroughly enjoy discovering a new passion. Others are finding you especially fun and exciting, although there can be a disconnect today, and some intense feelings can be hard to understand. Someone may seem to want to control or direct you, or financial concerns can nag at you. Learn to tune out the negative distractions and focus on what truly matters for making improvements.


This can be a time for reaching a new understanding of a matter that’s close your heart, dear Taurus, as the Sun and Venus align in your sector of home and family. Channelling your energies into a project around the home that will truly make life easier can be especially useful now. You might discover information that was previously hidden to you. This can give you an incredible feeling of hopefulness, and family affairs can be a motivator. Even with possible disconnects today, your magnetism is powerful. The focus can be on bringing more harmony and enjoyment to your domestic world. With the Moon’s move to the top of your solar chart midday, your worldly ambitions can figure more strongly. Epiphanies with career matters can emerge in the days ahead.


You are attracting appreciation for your communication style or what you’re teaching and sharing today, dear Gemini. There can be a lot of talk about relationships, or they’re solidly on your brain as the Sun and Venus converge in your sector of the mind. There can be an obsessive quality to your interactions today, even so, and a one step forward, two steps backward feel to the day. Consider that overthinking can complicate things, and suspicion may throw you off track. Problem areas can lead to making substantial changes that benefit you. As well, it’s an overall hopeful time, and a fruitful connection might be made. People cooperate with you, and you find it easy to locate the information you need.


You have a stronger than usual desire for comfort and coziness right now, dear Cancer, as the Sun and Venus converge in your resources sector. There may be a gift or bonus coming in, but there can also be a tendency towards extravagance and indulgence. It’s a good time for expanding your thinking on business and financial lines as your motivation to improve grows. However, knowing when to wait is essential now. There is some tendency to second-guess decisions. There may be subtle frustrations with others about core values and money. Circumstances and feelings seem to illuminate insecurities, but that means you can learn from them.

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You have more impact than usual on a personal level, dear Leo, with your ruler, the Sun aligning with Venus in your sign. Your most charming and appealing traits are in the spotlight, and you impress others even more so than usual. There is a real demand for the qualities that you are naturally projecting today and these days, in general. You could be feeling romantic and rather desirous as well. Motivation and hopefulness are increasing. Your heart is open, you are in a more amorous mood than usual, and you’re inclined to do a little self-pampering. There are some complicated transits today, however, suggesting subtle problems that could have to do with fears of betrayal, jealousy, or resentment that seem to come out of nowhere. They’re manageable but could lead to some off timing.


There can be nice support coming from unexpected or hidden sources today, dear Virgo. You might find a peaceful solution for a problem that was once a challenge that seemed impossible. The Sun and Venus join together in your hidden sector, prompting a new connection or awareness regarding a past relationship. Or, there can be recognition or reward for previous actions. It’s a time to savor some good feelings in your inner or private world. A pleasant surprise from the past can figure strongly. Even so, feelings of guilt or a misstep can be part of the day with several minor challenging aspects suggesting off timing. Emotional games can emerge in close relationships. If you pay attention to the cues, you can learn something about yourself or an important person in your life.


While there can be some underlying tension or resentment to handle today, dear Libra, the Sun and Venus align in your social sector, giving you a boost. It’s generally a good time for spreading your wings, reaching out, and making contact. Your desire to please is strong, particularly with friends and in group settings. You can enjoy more appreciation shown for you–people like your friendship, input, and company more than usual. Try not to allow small timing problems or disconnects interfere with the overall sense that things are getting better. You are seen in a good light, and new connections are likely in the coming days. Fight self-doubt and push beyond your fears. It can be challenging to take a step back and allow others space when you’re feeling insecure. However, it’s essential to let go from time to time.

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With much activity at the top of your solar chart, dear Scorpio, you’re likely receiving more attention and admiration, especially on a professional or public level. You may be appreciated for the responsibilities you fulfill or for your performance and ability to lead. Or, you a more goal-oriented approach to your life is satisfying. The Sun and Venus align in this sector today, putting you in a most favorable light. Business can benefit as a result. Efforts to embellish, beautify, please, and harmonize are beneficial now with this transit. Because Venus is the ruler of your partnership sector, a close relationship can benefit from some extra attention. Even with this positive–even glowing–energy, some minor challenging transits suggest off timing. Underlying tensions or resentment can emerge. Try not to self-sabotage or to let negative thoughts ruin a good thing today.


An idea, ideal, or course of study warms you right now, dear Sagittarius, with the Sun and Venus joining in your solar ninth house. Others can be most interested in how you feel and what you have to say. Personal magnetism is good, and you’re enjoying a nice glow of hopefulness about a matter that you haven’t felt for some time. There is cooperative energy with this transit but also complications with several minor transits pointing to disconnects just for the time being. You’re unlikely to appreciate it if someone seems to be trying to pull your strings. Do your best not to dwell on what you don’t know about a situation because that’s where you’re inclined to trip up today. Trust that what you need to know will be revealed to you in time.


With an alignment of the Sun and Venus in your intimacy sector today, dear Capricorn, your appeal is mysterious. While you may enjoy time to yourself, it can also be cleansing and rewarding to sort out problems with others. Do keep in mind that although this transit is a good one for harmonizing and mutual enjoyment, several concurrent aspects suggest complications. Doubts can enter the picture. Observing more than participating seems to be the most advantageous position these days as you learn more about yourself and your connections. However, do avoid overanalyzing or finding problems where there aren’t any. You can feel a little out of step as if you can’t quite read a person or situation. Decisions are hard to make right now, but once handled, a sense of relief can arrive. Focus on moving forward, and look for the best possible way to do so.

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When it comes to close partnerships and relationships, dear Aquarius, you can experience hopefulness about a matter that you haven’t felt for some time. You’re in good shape for smoothing over relations with others, but it can be tricky to get to a better position. Today’s best for showing you care with warm gestures and keeping things light and friendly. Even though you are inclined to second-guess people, it’s probably a good idea to keep this to yourself for now. It’s not about dishonesty or glossing things over–it’s about the right timing. Waiting something out may help you see the light. Oversharing can get you in trouble now, and so can overthinking. You may need to step back from situations to get the whole story or resign yourself to not knowing everything.


The Sun and Venus align today, dear Pisces, and this helps promote socializing, peace-making, and harmony. You’ll find it works best–and the most–on the job or while you pursue health or daily routines. This energy can also play out as particular enjoyment of (or pride in) your work, services, dedication, and health pursuits. You may be seeing the more pleasing aspects of these things, or someone is helping to make things seem a lot better. Even so, there are several minor challenging aspects that muddy the waters just a little today. You may need to accommodate or make adjustments for others. Avoid attempting to mastermind a situation if you know, in your gut, that it’s not right. Insecurities about your performance or your usefulness may be in focus.

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