TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Tuesday, 10 September 2019


Cooperation is a central theme in your life today, dear Aries. Original plans and ideas can be in focus. You’re gravitating toward people and situations that nudge you forward and encourage you to grow. The Moon spends the day in your solar eleventh house, and you can be particularly invested in your friendships, cooperative efforts, or happiness pursuits. Others may want a little more of your time now. While you’re craving some moments to detach from heady pursuits now, you are also in the position to reach meaningful conclusions and get to a place of better self-understanding today. There can be a chance to straighten out problems in close relationships related to power dynamics, possessiveness, or ownership matters.


The Moon spends the day at the top of your solar chart, dear Taurus, and you’re particularly aware of what others expect of you and your responsibilities or reputation. This transit can help motivate you to handle your priorities or take care of business, although you may not feel like dealing with the judgment that often comes with it! You might decide that performing well for yourself first and foremost is most satisfying now and can free you up for more enjoyment later. Also today, you’re learning from recent ups and downs and fine-tuning plans and ideas. You’re in good shape for coming to a fairer, more considered balance in a partnership. You may be getting to a better state of balance between your attention to professional or business plans and attention to someone special in your life.


This is an excellent time for learning something new, dear Gemini. You are in a good position to work with someone, and the more open they are to new ideas and progress, the better you feel. You’re in great shape for organizing, planning, and sorting, particularly in your working life, with daily routines, and with fitness or health goals. You care more about what is fair in your work and with your working relationships than usual. Those things that are out of balance can stick out more than usual, and you can be quite anxious to straighten things out. You’re in good shape for brushing up on skills or keeping abreast of new methods. Your ideas and advice are well-received today.


This is a time in the lunar cycle when you may relish some quiet time, dear Cancer. You’re in good shape for relaxing, therapeutic activities. Even so, with the Moon in your intimacy sector all day, you seek out a stronger connection to a person or a project, and you’re not against getting involved. This is a good day for planning and strategy. You’re in particularly good shape for designing and planning these days, and you might thoroughly enjoy structuring your creative works or your leisure time now. Your vision is unique and inspiring. Hobbies and creative pursuits can thrive with individual attention, and your creations may stand out now. Try to focus on the areas of your life that are working for you and your feelings will more naturally sort out.


You’re mainly focused on making your relationships work today, dear Leo. The Moon spends the day in your partnership sector. You’re not trying to push your agenda, and you can be particularly friendly. It’s a good day for sharing ideas and activities with someone special. You’ll find people supportive and interested. A lot is going on in your personal life or on the home front, although you can quickly feel bored or frustrated if things aren’t mentally engaging. In the weeks ahead, you’re in good shape for designing or redesigning in the home. There can be a lot of “traffic” in your home now, but it can also be an enjoyable period.


With the Moon in your work and health sector all day, dear Virgo, you’re focusing on the areas of your life that need a tune-up. You may be putting a little extra effort into your routines or job, or you’re paying special attention to your health and wellness initiatives. While you continue to have a lot of planetary activity in your sign, you’re enjoying a cycle that’s excellent for learning, sharing ideas, and creating unique projects. Those endeavors that require special attention to structure, design, and organization can thrive most right now. Your communications are more orderly or received extraordinarily well during this trend. Reaching out can bring interesting people into your life in the weeks ahead.


With the Moon’s all-day transit of your creative and romantic sector, dear Libra, you’re in a more playful period of the lunar cycle. You may want to find ways to enjoy or express yourself more fully and creatively. Refreshing yourself may be in order now. Romantic feelings can be in stronger focus, or it’s a time for finding different channels for personal enjoyment. You’re more confident about expressing and sharing your natural talents. There is particular emphasis on building up your resources these days, however. While you’re inclined to have some fun, your mind often returns to your ambitions. Getting secure, grounded, and centered can be an important priority. You’re also coming up with great business or money-making ideas.


While you may have a hard time juggling outside responsibilities with personal time today, dear Scorpio, your heart seems to be with your home. You’re also in a stronger position to connect with your feelings on a matter. Focusing on making life better on the home front or in your personal life can be comforting and most beneficial. The Moon spends the day in your solar fourth house, and your needs for security and familiarity are in the spotlight. Finding extra moments to yourself or with loved ones is recommended at this time in the lunar month. While you need some repose, this is an excellent period for standing out for your creative ideas or unique viewpoint. You’re shining for your intelligence and insight. It’s a time to share your opinions and ideas with more confidence.


With the Moon in your communications sector all day, dear Sagittarius, you’re in good shape for connecting with others, gathering information, getting errands done, and enjoying some variety. Even so, you seem to need extra time carved out for alone time with your thoughts and inner world these days. You’ll find it an excellent time for accessing your intuition, in general. Today is an “idea” day in many ways and a time to see significant patterns in your life that contribute to happiness and satisfaction. You can be a competent arbitrator as you see many sides of a story. You’re unlikely to want to commit to any particular idea or project today, and it’s wise to hold off until something feels right.


Your focus is practical for the most part today, dear Capricorn. While your feelings about money matters are strong right now with the Moon in your solar second house, you’re invested and passionate. Conversations are enjoyable and valuable, and this is set to increase this week. It’s a good time for settling in or focusing on comforting, grounding, and reinforcing activities. It’s a time of the lunar month for centering yourself and stopping to smell the roses. Noticing and appreciating what you have can be beneficial. Even so, this is a good period for connecting with interesting people. You might straighten out a matter with a friend with success now. There could be unusual, pleasant circumstances surrounding your relationships or the connections you make. Planning for future projects can be exciting, and ideas are inventive.


With the Moon in your sign all day, you may require some self-pampering or special attention to your personal needs, dear Aquarius. Your emotional spirit is powerful. It’s the time of the month for new ideas, starting new trends, and making an impression. Your desire to be independent or do your own thing is in the spotlight. Even so, this is also a great time for thinking about and planning long-term goals. Your unique insight or intelligence is notable. You’re in good shape for cultivating good working relationships or business partnerships. You’re open to making improvements and being more honest and hands-on, and you’re particularly eager for growth and change.


This is a good day for keeping a low profile or for working under the radar, dear Pisces. Catching up on rest or taking more time to yourself is natural with the Moon spending the day in your privacy sector. You could be quite busy nevertheless, but it’s a time of the lunar cycle when saying “no” to some of the extras in your life makes sense. This way, you conserve your energy for more demanding times. Your love of learning is in full force these days, and broadening your perspective and entertaining new ideas and beliefs can be enjoyable and refreshing. Others can be finding your ideas especially unique and interesting. Discussions about strategies with trusted others can move you forward.


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