TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Thursday, October 10, 2019


Connecting with someone special on a belief or idea can be heartwarming today, dear Aries. Making plans can be a whole lot of fun right now. Try not to allow distractions mess with your head tonight, and choose your words more carefully than usual. You may have the urge to display your independence, but it might not go over one hundred percent smoothly, perhaps because you’re not entirely behind what you’re doing. Self-doubt can subtly undermine you. There can be disruptions that hint at the need to throw away old attitudes and habits that have been limiting your growth. Relationships might require further understanding, or people in your life need a bit of space later today. However, it’s an excellent time to take a step back and give yourself a break, too.


You can make good headway in a creative or communications project today, dear Taurus, and you can be quite dedicated to a task related to work or research. You might more often than not find yourself making compromises for others these days. For the most, you’re likely to enjoy the process since you crave company more than usual. However, you may be torn between the need for another’s company and feedback or approval today, and the desire to go your own way and act independently. Displays of independence may come across in a choppy or unnatural manner that can end up provoking. Find ways to seek more of what you want from your life while also taking care of the feelings of people you hold dear. These things are not mutually exclusive! In the next couple of days, you’re likely to see a relationship in a new way.


Problem-solving is favored in the first half of the day, dear Gemini, as you are not very distracted by emotional concerns. You can feel quite devoted to a person or special project or pursuit. Later today, aim to make an extra effort to understand others before jumping to the conclusion that their intentions are poor. Particular care should be taken with friends, your work, or co-workers. Insecurities or self-doubt can play with your interactions. Or, there can be tension with work or practical matters if you feel that you’re in a rut or if others are boxing you in. Think about ways to improve your feelings of personal freedom while keeping the essential responsibilities free from disruptions. People may seem to be quick on the trigger and emotionally reactive. You may want to keep the peace, but another part of you would much prefer to go your own way. Through a bit of strain, however, you’re likely to understand your feelings more intimately in the next couple of days.


You have lovely prompts to forget the details and enjoy life without worrying too much as the Moon transits your adventure sector, dear Cancer. It’s a good day for feeling devoted to a project or to your family or loved ones. Taking special care of your home can figure strongly. Later today, there can be some disconnects. Nevertheless, there are opportunities to rise above these minor feelings of unrest, particularly if you focus on a work or health initiative that is important to you. Socially, there are unstable energies today and the next couple of days, but these can invite meaningful change and lead to the liberation of creativity. Try to find a balance between pleasing someone or taking care of their feelings and asserting your independence. It’s all too easy to trigger one another’s soft spots today, but you can also aim to learn more about yourself and those you love through these very vulnerabilities.


This can be a time when you’re finding a lot to love in your hobbies and pastimes, dear Leo. You’re in great shape for crafting up a wonderful message or for extending sincere gestures. Later today, there can be some disconnects. The need for some space and leeway is prominent in relationships, particularly with family. It’s best to take this maturely. Fortunately, an influence with you now is excellent for your practical affairs, perhaps helping to alleviate some of the pressure on your social life as you turn your attention to what’s working. You tend to find ways to contain the flow and to keep things even keel. You’re in good shape for considering your attachments, as you seem to see where you’ve been overly attached to your detriment. As you become more in tune with your inner needs and tendencies, you can make better choices.


While there may be some disconnects today, dear Virgo, you can feel that you’re making good progress on projects dear to your heart. There is excellent energy with you for family and money matters, even with some hiccups. There can be some social blunders or mild misunderstandings to sort through, but unique opportunities for getting organized emerge now. Dealing with others who are unsure of themselves can be frustrating in spots nevertheless. If you’ve been feeling that you’re stagnating in your studies or relationships, you may feel more unrest than usual about it now, and this can reach a turning point in the next couple of days. Transportation and communication channels may not be reliable right now. You may be excited to start a new project or ready to throw an old one out, but watch that this is not only a whim of the moment. Making a connection with a special person or project can help you concentrate and feel good at the end of the day.


This can be a particularly connected or communicative day, dear Libra. While there can be misunderstandings and perhaps some indecision, there are also opportunities to be discovered. You may thoroughly enjoy investing extra care and attention into your interests, studies, or connections. It’s also a time when you go out of your way for loved ones–you’re more generous, helpful, and concerned. You are also taking pride in your abilities to support loved ones. Even so, tricky energy suggests that if you’ve been feeling held back or limited, you can feel quite a bit of discontent now. This is especially the case regarding personal belongings, resources, money, or if things are cluttered. You may want to do something dramatic to change the situation. Give yourself a few more days to work through this.


There is likely to be some tension experienced again today and tomorrow, dear Scorpio, but some bright spots are in store, primarily if you aim to avoid staying in limbo. You can feel quite dedicated to a pet project, especially if it’s designed to make you feel more secure. Teamwork is rewarding, or networking can stimulate new ideas. Committing yourself to a goal or pet project can help bring you down to earth and get your mind off emotional conundrums. Still, relationships may need special handling. Keep in mind that expressions of freedom or independence can be raw or extreme for now, but this is not permanent. A sense of moving forward could emerge out of a bit of chaos, so be flexible in the coming days. Some things take a while to evolve and resolve, and you’re in the thick of it, getting rid of excess baggage.


You may be called to perform or to fulfill an obligation today, dear Sagittarius, and you can very much enjoy taking care of things. Financially, your ideas can be golden right now. Emotional problems can be on the touchy side, however, and you seem to need more space on this level than usual. Demands from others can be either a bit too frequent and distracting or downright intrusive in spots. Aim to take the lead by identifying areas that require adjustments so that you feel more in control. This is a happy and cooperative time for family or career matters in general, and you might develop strong feelings of concern for anyone or anything that needs your support or direction. You might also bring something unique or creative into the spotlight with success.


There is terrific energy for working on something important to you today, dear Capricorn, especially if you get some moments to yourself. You can feel quite dedicated to a long-term goal, cause, or dream, ready to accept the work that’s involved in getting to where you want to go. The trick today is to choose a focus rather than remaining in limbo. As well, emotions and affections can be on the tricky side, particularly later today. Distractions or changes of heart can be distracting in spots now. You may not be a good position to see the actual value of things, people, and situations, so it’s best not to make sweeping permanent decisions. However, it’s a powerful time to become more in tune with your inner needs and tendencies. As you do, your choices become more informed. Today is not about only doing what’s logical–it’s more about learning and knowing what moves and motivates you.


This can be a time when you’re excited about learning or experiencing new things as you work towards your goals, dear Aquarius, and this can be a convenient and helpful area of focus now. Focus your attention, if you can, on practical matters today, which tend to be more soothing and reliable than social ones at the moment. Even little efforts towards improving things in your life can be satisfying. Focusing on something absorbing and pouring a lot of energy into a project you care about can boost your sense of purpose. With your ruling planet, Uranus, frequently opposing planets this month, you can experience some dissatisfaction with the status quo. However, you’re also learning much about your needs. You may find it quite liberating to put something behind you or to mix up your routine in creative ways. It’s a time for getting rid of the limitations that bind you, making room for new ways of expressing yourself to emerge.


The Moon spends the day in your sign, dear Pisces, exciting your emotions. This energy is of the pioneering variety–your initiative and courage are strong. If you can pick something and focus on it, there are benefits to pouring extra effort and attention into your work or research today. A Venus-Chiron aspect in play can introduce some doubt, however, and you could find people are a little unpredictable emotionally. Aim to be flexible and to keep your mind wide open now to minimize frustrations. Disagreements about money or core values and respect can be offputting but need not play with your mood. Another aspect affecting the day reminds you of the beautiful side of your relationships despite minor disconnects. You are willing to sacrifice some comfort so that you relate and act in ways that are more authentic or suiting to your current temperament and interests.


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