TODAY’S HOROSCOPE: Thursday, November 7, 2019



A relationship matter can charge up today, and, positively, you can work through a problem or deal with an issue directly and honestly, dear Aries. On the other hand, you might find others to be a little difficult, aggressive, or challenging. Consider that you may need someone’s help to do what you want to do. There may be conflicts, but these can lead to resolutions or reconciliations. A Venus-Mars influence active today can generate a sense of urgency, which may be helpful to get you moving, but impatience can lead to minor problems. You are feeling generous and amorous but also find it hard to take instruction. The desire to take on an entirely new challenge can start with good intentions but might turn into a burden later. Work on emotional self-control today, but keep yourself busy, or you could become moody without meaningful work to do. Tame your restlessness, and you can have a delightful, creative day. New ideas may very well be golden, but they need time to mature before putting into action. A Sun-Saturn-Neptune configuration can help you find a middle ground.


You tend to seek out good company today, dear Taurus, and you need a break from focusing on your performance. Even so, there can be some quickening of the pace with work and daily routine matters. You have more energy for these things, in general, but you could experience an initial lack of direction or exasperation today, not knowing where to begin. If you are frustrated and restless, try to find smaller projects to tackle until you figure out where you can best channel excess energy constructively. You may very well discover that it’s the “little things” that need your full attention now. Some disorganization aside, you can manage to get a lot done, especially with the help of a Sun-Saturn-Neptune configuration that encourages a balanced, moderate approach. Don’t allow impatience to trip you up. You may want to make something more of what you have, and this can be a good thing, but some self-control and foresight will be helpful.


Energies today bring responsibilities and ambitions to the fore, dear Gemini. While you can be feeling particularly ambitious and goal-oriented, there is some tendency to spin your wheels today. It’s an important week for career, ambitions, and goals, as there are subtle changes and evolutions taking place. Today, you may not know where to put your energy, and until you do, you could be feeling a bit out of sorts. You may not have the self-discipline to match your drive, but these things are likely to sync up by the day’s end. Similarly, relationships can be animated and charged before settling into a pleasant pace. If you focus on being active with someone or if you concentrate on a particular activity, you’re likely to enjoy yourself far more thoroughly. Watch for personal interactions becoming tense due to impatience and some lack of sensitivity. Aim for balance since attempting to do too much can drain you now. If you slow down, this can be an excellent time for great ideas.


With Mars in your solar fourth house these days, dear Cancer, when you channel excess energy into the home, you can be quite productive. Home improvement, organization efforts, and family activities can be satisfying. If left on its own, however, there can be tensions. With a Venus-Mars minor challenge today, we’re inclined to waste time and energy trying to decide or agree upon a path of action. This can lead to arguments when it’s probably better to start a preliminary activity right away, and then decide whether to keep doing it or move on to something else. Sometimes throwing yourself into a task is preferable to staying in an undecided state. There can be disagreements with others on methods, or romantic sensibilities tend to clash with desires so that timing can be a little off now. Relationships can be exciting but perhaps moody, as desires are big.


Watch for impatience when you’re expressing your desires or feelings today, dear Leo. Emotions can be up and down, and you may be more brusque in your approach than you realize. In truth, there is a lot of mental energy with you now, and it’s building. Put this to constructive use by tackling a project or by learning something you’ve always meant to investigate. Independent work is favored now, as it’s all too easy to grate on one another’s nerves. When one person requires a gentle approach, the other is overly direct. If you can’t set your own pace, aim to meet one another halfway, and avoid worrying too much about minor moments of incompatibility. A feeling that you’re not achieving enough or that you want more from life can lead to important innovations, but if you push too hard before genuinely knowing where you’re going, you may end up feeling stressed and restless. We’re heading toward a fantastic configuration involving your ruler, the Sun, and Neptune and Saturn that helps you find a beautiful balance.


The Moon spends another day in your partnership zone, dear Virgo, stimulating a strong interest in relationships. You may want to have company or a sounding board for your thoughts and feelings. There can be a restless and impatient atmosphere at times today that can feel exciting or unsettling, depending on the moment, and sometimes a bit of both! You may be quick to defend yourself or could become fired up about a money or ownership matter. This can lead you to new approaches or motivate you to take care of a problem that you might otherwise ignore. Express your feelings, enjoy the passion of the moment, but watch for impulsiveness today. You might be giving off mixed messages as you wrestle with where to put your energies. Impatience can get in the way of smart assessments, but as the day advances and into tomorrow, you’re naturally coming to a balance. In fact, moderation can feel incredible! Aim to let your ideas unfold naturally.


The Moon spends another day in your work and health sector, dear Libra, and you’re geared towards setting things right. You may be hyper-aware of what’s out of balance, but if you aim to fix the problems you see more clearly than usual, it’s all for good. There can be some impulsiveness or impatience to manage now as Venus and Mars form a minor challenging aspect. Try to center yourself so that you don’t act rashly as you’re more inclined to act on ego or emotion rather than reason today. Until you figure out what to do with excess energy, you could feel a little raw. You may want to avoid projects and activities that have multiple rules and steps or that require a special amount of patience! Tomorrow’s energies are quite useful for these things. Until then, there can be small disagreements about styles of communication. While one person may be diplomatic, another may be looking for a more direct approach.


The Moon’s transit of your solar fifth house today brings smooth energy for releasing or expressing emotions, dear Scorpio. Still, a Venus-Mars aspect presents a minor challenge to overcome, mainly taking the form of impulsiveness or impatience. Watch for buying something beyond your means or making a promise that leaves in debt in a different way! Wait for a day when we see things more clearly to make more impactful decisions. Social interactions and feelings are complicated now, not necessarily because of the nature of our affections but due to choppy expression. There can be a sense that when someone gets what they want, they lose interest anyway, so avoid giving in to pushy people today. Impatience seems to especially surround issues related to finances, family, and home life today. Be kind to yourself by keeping expectations reasonable. Watch for overspending, but listen to a need to pamper and be pampered.


The Moon spends another day in your home and family sector, dear Sagittarius, encouraging your need to stick with what’s most familiar. Still, a Venus-Mars aspect today can play with your need to express yourself or fulfill a desire or craving. There can be plenty of social distractions today. There could also be small disagreements or awkward choices to make with a friend. Group activities, cooperative efforts, networking, and friendships can be animated and charged. Positively, you can be especially motivated to pursue a dream or plan and might channel the extra energy you have now into making something work. Otherwise, you may be spinning your wheels, not certain where or how to begin. Or, part of you may want to bond with someone, but others may not be responding in the right ways. Remembering that happiness comes from your own making is essential now. The day can be rewarding and revealing if you aim to entertain big ideas and unusual pleasures but keep things real.


You’re mentally curious today with the Moon in your communications sector again, dear Capricorn, and at times perhaps a little restless, as your need for stimulation prompts you to keep moving or mentally engaged. You could be off to a frustrating or fumbled start now as Venus and Mars clash, but once beyond it, you’ll find just the right pace. It’s a sign that it may be time to change your approach, not time to abandon something important to you. Direct your energy well, and you can move mountains now, but don’t expect too much of yourself and let things flow for best results. If needs and desires clash, it may be best to focus on what’s working. You can spend time working through this or decide it’s best to back off and let everyone come around. Consider, too, that judgment can be off under duress. Remind yourself that happiness is not some elusive thing outside of yourself that you’re supposed to chase — it starts within.


The Moon spends another day in your solar second house, dear Aquarius, and you’re paying more attention to the things you own (or want to own), practical concerns, and security matters. While this transit can help ground you, it can also encourage your more indulgent side. Predictability can delight just for now, but a Venus-Mars aspect active today can convince you that you need a change of pace. Actions taken now may get off to a fumbled start if you are not aware of what it is you want to accomplish or do with extra energy. Or, someone might misunderstand your competitive spirit or take it the wrong way. People can be sensitive one minute and insensitive the next, but this is likely to be quite short-lived. It shouldn’t deter you from your path, but it may slow you down a little as you adjust to make small accommodations and to deal with distractions.


The Moon in your sign all day continues to bring emotions to the surface, dear Pisces, and can make unmet needs feel urgent. Aim to stay active today, think about what you want to accomplish in the next while, and avoid pushing something too fast, but do take steps towards your goals now. The desire to look into a matter more deeply is with you now, but you’re also quite goal-oriented. Ego conflicts concerning jointly-held resources, credit, or performance may occur. The trick today is to identify what you want to do so that you can channel extra energy positively. You may be a little more sensitive to outside pressures than usual, which can be complicated by a Venus-Mars minor challenging aspect. Differences in taste, method, and style with others can seem glaring and can lead to missteps and misunderstandings. There can be some enthusiastic and creative energy now, but it may be a little challenging to harness. Moderating your attention to different people and areas of life will bring the most satisfaction, and this comes more intuitively as the day advances.